Friday, January 10, 2014

Desk Fucked

I placed a CL ad, never expecting a thing. I never do anymore.

For a while I had some good luck, then just flake after flake after flake. Guys who can't read. Guys who don't show. You know the drill.

For whatever reason, I find many responses to go spam from those ads, so I have to be diligent on checking that folder. I also have to check days later too. For whatever reason, some guys do read ads from days or weeks ago - even though there are 100s posted per day - and sometimes one will get to me late.

Such as this guy.

His email started off: "You ready for this?"   DUH!

He included a face picture too, and of course, I recognized him from previous encounters. Since our second or third get together he kind of ignored me. I wasn't sure if he found a boyfriend or didn't like me.

I also didn't know from my ad if he recognized me and if he knew to whom he was replying.  I opted not to say, taking a risk that he either knew and wanted to play or that he didn't know and I wasn't possibly scaring him off by revealing myself.

I'd find out later he knew from the ad who it was and that he did want to fuck me.

From my previous encounter with him, it was mostly sucking though there were fucking components to at least one time. But every time ended up with him busting a nut in my mouth.

This time, my ad had been exclusively about taking it up the ass. It's what I wanted; what I was craving. He was on board, even if a few days late. The need was still there to get boned, so why not?

Like the other times, there was no chit-chat, it was right down to business. Granted, we didn't start fucking, I did get on my knees and work his cock up and slobbered all over it. That was all the lube we were planning on using - which is fine by me.

Knowing the issues we had on positioning last time, I didn't even both bending over for him. This time it was on my back, across my home office desk. My ass; my hole, lined up perfectly for his height. He would have no problems just sliding in.

...and he didn't.

Now parts of me wonders where a guy like this goes as he's fucking. Sure, sometimes he's looking down at me, but a lot of the time his eyes were closed and off in his own world.

Was he enjoying my hole and the act?  Was he thinking of someone else? Was he concentrating on coming - or not, or at least not yet? Keeping it hard?

Now, I wasn't thinking these things during the fuck. I was thinking on how I could make it feel good for him. That's my job.

I think I was performing fine as he was lost in his bliss - whatever it may be. I figured he was into it on some levels as his cock was rock hard and he was pounding away.

There was no variation of fucking today. Not with him. It was single focused breeding.  When I say he pounded, he did. POUNDED.

It was for his own pleasure, mine wasn't even a factor. But don't get me wrong, I was loving it - the feeling, the act, the response from him. You know me, I get off on getting guys off. It is a natural high for me. There is a power to it, in certain ways. Yet it's all about the top.

I won't say the fuck went on forever - though he could have kept going. Still 15-20 minutes isn't a bad bang.

He built up to it even more - in thrust, in intensity, in vocals. I knew what was coming. He was. Right up my ass, where he wanted it so many months ago, before he changed his mind.

Yes, I would say it was about him, but we both got what we wanted.

I haven't heard from him since.

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Anonymous said...

wow that was hot. thanks bikeguy!

aaron the hebrewman