Sunday, January 05, 2014

Holiday Traveler - pt 1

I've been blessed (or plagued?) with an increasingly number of guys associating some of my on-line profiles with this blog. It's flattering. It's disconcerting. I should know there is no true anonymity, but what are you going to do?  It's just a little more strange on some of the apps where I'm not identified as 'bikeguy'. Is it possible, I'm too out there?

It's not necessarily a bad thing, but it always takes me by surprise, that a.) people read me.  b.) people even recognize me by anything other than name. I've always thought myself as a guy who just blends in.

A few guys have figured me out after the fact, but now and again, they know beforehand. In theory, this could create for some awkward scenarios, as they have to know I might write about them....and they might have to read about themselves.

Yet the other day I had a message  from BBRT that a guy was coming into town, reads the blog and wonders if I'd be free. He was at an advantage. As a reader of this blog - he knew what my triggers were; my likes and dislikes.

Oddly enough, he was not only visiting from out of town, but staying two streets over with friends. One well placed "need for a walk" and he found himself at my front door.

He was handsome. A nice height and weight. A very attractive face and great salt and pepper hair with a greying goatee. His shoes came off, we went upstairs and I was on my knees. This was going to be nothing more than a blowjob - more or less.

I know, it was BBRT, but his profile was specific to oral. But I loved his directness: "When my cock is in your mouth, and I start to shoot, I don't pull out. You've gotta be willing to take every drop."

That sounds up my alley, no?

I will say, at first I was a little disappointed when his briefs came down. While his ad said he was 'average', this looked a little less than. But with some manipulation from my mouth, he did rise to the occassion to have a nice mouthful, but he was correct for average length.

And I am good with average, as long as the guy knows how to use it. And he did. But more importantly, it is attitude the trumps everything. He had it - or at least knew my triggers enough to tip the scales in his favor.

Like his ad, he was direct. Telling me what to do and how. And fuck, the dirty talk and especially the name-calling just flowed from his mouth like it was the most natural thing in the world for him:  faggot, cumwhore, cocksucker, were just a few of the things he said about me. All of them true. Still, it takes a confident voice and man to pull those off - they can be said by anyone, but not everyone can make them resonate.

I played with his balls, which made him tremble just a little, but it gave me the idea to not only lick them, but go further around. I mean, you all know how I like to eat ass - and this guy must have too.

It was not difficult to get him over to the bed to kneel on it with me right behind him. And I went for it. I dove into that ass, with my beard rubbing in his crack and probably at his hole - though I try to reserve that for my lips and tongue. He was clean and seemed to appreciate my mouth being glued to his shitter. I certainly didn't mind it.

Soon he flipped over and was at the edge of the bed while I went to go back to work on his cock. He couldn't be away for much longer without arousing suspicion and well, I wanted that load anyways.

Guys traveling at holidays can be the best. Boarding with family or friends for extended periods of time don't allow them to get off much - if at all - and this guy had a seven day load waiting for release. Oddly, my mouth was looking to ingest a seven day load, so it was going to be a win-win.

And what a fucking load. Sure I didn't really struggle with it, as I'm a pro, but he had a huge load. I'm guessing he ejaculates a lot on a one or two day load, so a week's worth was just perfect. But he kind of fibbed about not pulling out.

The guy was sensitive and wouldn't let me take every drop, though to be fair his profile said I should be 'willing to' take every drop, it didn't mean I'd get it. He dripped onto the quilt which I scooped up and ate, but he was still massively dripping into/onto his hand. He artfully smeared it on my face and in my beard - perhaps at a little prompting from yours truly.

Before he dressed he leaned in to kiss me - which was very sensual. It's not a normal thing I do, but I wanted more of it.

As he dressed to go, he told me I need to give myself more credit on my looks, as I was underselling myself - which was nice. It got him another kiss.

...and another one at the door before he left.

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