Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Holiday Traveler - pt 2

I should have read his ad closer. Not that it would have changed anything. I just find I can get distracted by a good picture on a profile and miss details. I mean, how many times have I clicked on a hot guy on MH even though his position said 'bottom' right there before I clicked. Sometimes before I even send a message. I just get caught up now and again.

It was no different with another holiday visitor.

30, 5'9", 170, "some hair".  I didn't notice that last part at all since his beard fit so nicely with the knit cap he had on in the pic - clearly taken during this winter time trip and not at the warmer location from which he resides permanently.

I also missed the part of "I'm into".  The listings were Bears, Muscle, Daddies.

To be fair to the last guy, I will try not to sell myself short. By current definition of a bear, I am not. I'm at an ideal weight and not husky, chunky, fat....or as most "bears" are today, obese. I am hairy, yes. I'm tall, but not fat.

I wouldn't say I'm muscular either. My body is athletic, as I do work on it. I'm getting more definition, but I don't think I'll ever be muscular.

As for "daddy", well........  As one person I relayed this story to before writing it, told me to 'get used to it'.

But I missed that. Sure he was a bit younger than I, so I wasn't really ready when we were into it to hear him call me "daddy".  Sigh.

He was staying with friends. He told them he was going out for a run, but in freezing temps, he ran to my house. He showed up at my door with a great face - a handsome face - and a good attitude. Of course, how did I know in his mind he had struck daddy paydirt?

I took him upstairs and I had the inexplicable urge to kiss him - and I did. He was a great kisser. Had I looked at that profile, I would have seen that kissing was essential to him, but I never got that far. In his mind, he was in daddy-heaven. I was doing everything right and didn't know it.

We both stripped down and when he took off his cap, it is when I noticed he only had slightly more hair than myself. His body was nice and hairy though. He was handsome and I still wanted to kiss him. So I did. He didn't resist. Quite the opposite.

But time was limited for both him and myself so we got down to it. He went down on me, but only for a minute. That wasn't what I was looking for and he knew it.  I got him sitting on the edge of the bed and knelt between his spread furry legs.

I took his 7" into my mouth and slowly, but deliberately took him to his short hairs. That is when I heard it.  "OH Daddy......".

While I wasn't put off by it exactly, I wasn't sure immediately how to respond. I think it was only a minute or two when I asked him, "do you like that, son?".   He did.

He liked what I was doing, but he really liked the response.  I wouldn't call it role playing, but maybe character sex. I wasn't really pretending to be his father, or setting him up for some father fucking.

That said though, at one point, my cock was so hard with him, I did place it against his hole. I got mixed messages of  him saying 'never on the first meeting and never raw' with very sexual moans. Maybe I should have just gone for it, but I didn't - one because of his verbal wishes, secondly, because, well, you know how well I top.

Since his legs were up and a little back, I dropped to my knees again, as his hole was exposed. I got quite a few more "oh daddy" remarks as I dove into that hole with my tongue and ate him out but good.

It was a clean, sweet tasting butt. I could have easily eaten if for another hour, but he had to get back to his friends house. It wasn't supposed to be a long run he was allegedly on.

I went back to his cock and fucking made him (and myself) feel good by sucking it.  "Does that feel good, boy", I'd ask.  "Yeah, daddy.....it does..."   The sincerity of which he said all those words made it ok for him to call me a father figure. I mean, I am old enough to be his dad, but.....

I kept working that cock until he couldn't hold back. And I didn't want him to. Like the guy a few days before, seven days of semen came pouring out of his shaft and balls.  Seven days of semen went into my mouth and down my throat and into my gut.  Gladly. Happily.

The boy was convulsing. The tremors and after tremors of his orgasm were incredible. He reveled in them and of my abilities - or at least that is what he said.

I didn't even have to squeeze to get the last drops. I had already gotten them. Sure I tried to squeeze, but he was coming up dry.

A few more kisses for my boy, him getting dressed and he was on his way. He flew out the next day, hopefully his mind and balls a little better for the wear.

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