Monday, January 13, 2014


His body was better than his face. Hit attitude was better than his body.

I should probably go on record that his attitude to any number of guys would be considered rude or selfish. Self-centered at best. Sexually self-centered.

I'm not most guys. To me, this is an endearing quality.....or at least a fucking huge plus.

50, 6'2", 190, hairy (no kidding!).  'recently into some rough stuff and dom play'.

If it was recent, he was a quick learner.

There was no pretense. No foreplay. He walked in and dropped his pants and stripped off his shirt. He was ready to go. He had the same amount of hair on his back as he had oh his chest, just no treasure trail.

There was some quick oral - me to him - but it was for slobbering purposes only. Just get his cock wet enough to travel up my rear entrance.

We started with me bent over the desk - it seemed to be going well for thrust and leverage. For only having a little over 6", he knew how to use it. To the untrained eye, it was all slam and bam, but internally there seemed to be a finesse to it - or as I am apt to do, I was blinded a bit by his attitude.

I've said it before - name-calling and dirty talk with get you far with me. He had it down to an art. His execution might have been recent, but his education had clearly been going on for a few years.

We ended up on the floor - my shoulders down, my ass up as he pummeled my butt. Yeah, the strokes were kind of jack-rabbit like, but it kept me in my place and he in his. He wasn't big enough to hurt me, so as long as what he was doing felt good to him, that was ok with me.

Within 10 minutes of that position, he unloaded. He groaned and his entire body twitched as he shot into my gut.

"You liked that, didn't you, faggot?"

The question was, at least in part, rhetorical. But I couldn't let it go and answered with a simple, "yes Sir".

He pulled out but maybe only lost 25% of his hardness. He got it back to full erection when I put my mouth on it, not only to resurrect him but to clean him off too. His verbal assault lessened a bit telling me what a good job I was doing, as opposed to just telling me to take care of him.

"Get on your back - on the desk!". I did as instructed and without any ceremony he pushed his six inches back into me. This was a much faster fuck. Maybe 5-7 minutes and he added more come to the hole he'd already lubed up.

With the same amount of fanfare, he pulled out and grabbed his pants and dressed.

As he sat down to put on his shoes, he looked at me and said, "I hope you didn't think near the end there that I was being nice to you - because you know, I don't give a fuck about you at all."

...and he walked to the door and left.

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Big Dick Vers Guy said...

Tell the truth. You drove him to Jared to get rings. Or was it Zales?