Monday, April 07, 2014

Black Breeding

He came back - a few times.  The 9+" black man who was looking for a guy like me.

Still no name, still no email, still no phone number.  But when I got "No Caller ID" on my phone, it was almost always him.

Once he had me suck him.  Once he had me eat his ass out while he slowly jacked then shot in my mouth.

Still claiming to be safe, this time, he had me show off for him. Rub my ass hole, show him my legs. He did not want to see my dick.

I should mention that he has never mentioned it - let alone touched it. This isn't his deal.

When he says he fucks women, he does and not one of those lame guys trying to pass as straight getting off on some fantasy or trying to help you get off on that fantasy. I was (and am?) all about convenience to this guy.

Maybe it's three calls in as many days. Maybe it's a week or two until he needs the outlet.

Sure, I had taken his cock in my mouth this time. I even just touched the tip of my tongue on his head as it peaked out of his boxer briefs that could not contain its size.  I sucked him, and I sucked him good - but not great.  That is my evaluation, not his.

"Roll over", he calmly commanded.

I was on the bed, on my belly.

Once again he used his rock hard dick to slap my ass.

"You want this".  Again - calmly said, but not in question form.

More cock / ass slapping. Then the lean in.  Then the touching of the cock head to my crack.....and then more localized pressure.

Pressure gave way to blossoming.  Two inches or so had gained entrance.  There would be more - we both knew it. But timing wasn't up to me.

I was on my belly, him over me, but not quite 'on top' of me. He still had 7" to work with that was outside my ass.  He made quicker work of getting it in there - and up there - than I might have liked, but I'm adaptable. I have to be. Not that there was a choice.

There were more grunts and moans from my end then words. There were almost no words from his end, except maybe, "put your legs together".

I suspect that was to not only keep him in me, but to treat me like a random fuck - probably a girl - that he could just pump without worrying about who was there.

He ignored my strong groans, the ones you could tell bordered on discomfort. I knew enough not to say anything, because from previous experience, be it my mouth or ass, he wasn't at all concerned.

This went on for another 10 minutes and I heard a catch at the back of his throat.

"What is going on?" I asked.   "You know exactly what's going on" was the reply.

For a guy last time who wanted to be nothing but "safe", here he was unloading. All bets were off now. This would define what I was to him.  Or clarify it.  It was unsaid, but we both knew.

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Upton King said...

Hmmm... sweet scene. You are such a lucky cocksucker! Spread your tiny wings... and let him in. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque