Monday, April 14, 2014


He had a great cock.

"Dick" replied to my ad asking guy to 'flood my mouth'. It took a while for him to get it together, but would later come to find he was a working man - with his hands - and probably not all that tech savvy on navigating email. Especially CL ad responses / replies that always seem to end up in my junk mail.

When he arrived it was chilly but not cold, though he may have been working in conditions with little to no heat. He apologized for not being 'big' at the moment he walked in the door. I told him it was my job to get it big. He liked that.

Dick was tall - maybe 6'5". Slim, but not skinny. Grey hair and facial hair that made him look like a younger Col. Sanders. It worked on him somehow.

I rubbed his denim covered crotch to get him to grow.  Then I dropped those and rubbed his boxer briefs. He was responding.  Soon my mouth was down there, putting warm breath through the cotton blend.

Pulling down his boxers, it was nice to look at.  7.5", but like the rest of him, slim, but not skinny. Big fucking head and it seemed to weigh down the shaft, but in reality he just had a hefty downward curve.

He had a great cock.

So I went to work.

He wasn't sure what to make of the blowjob. I mean, he liked it - clearly - but he claims that I was only his third blow job and first from a guy.

Maybe this was true, but I always assume it is not. He was 55. How does a man get to that age with only 2 other blowjobs under his belt?

I decided to show him what a great one felt like - so he'd have it as a frame of reference.

Being that it was his first real one (I'm saying that - not him), I thought he might lose his load sooner than later, but he didn't. I worshipped and treated his cock like a pro for well over a half hour.

Sometimes his eyes would be closed.  At times his head would be thrown back.

My favorite times is when he'd be watching his cock disappear into my mouth. He enjoyed that too.

"That looks fucking good".  He later confirmed he liked watching his cock go into my mouth or rub on my beard.  Truth be told - I like being watched by them.

I like seeing lust in their eyes, more at what they're doing than who is doing it. I like them relating, even for a second, that there is a guy on his fucking knees giving them pleasure.  I like them knowing a guy is sucking their fucking cock.

Truth be told, the curve was impeding my ability to give him great head. I was doing a good job and even a great one from his perspective, but I knew I could do SO much better.

He was game for me lying back with my head hanging back. It left for a good angle for his cock to slide right down my fucking throat.

And for a guy who hasn't gotten head much, he knew how to pound face - at least in that position. Of course porn movies have taught us a lot, I suppose. But he seemed super skilled at how to feed.

He teetered on the word "cocksucker", but couldn't quite get it out of his mouth. If he was a newbie, then I get that - he is not sure where the line is, though I tried to show him how far he could go with me verbally.

I'd say we were about 30 minutes in before he lost his load - and with very little warning to me. Not that I cared.

It was a decent sized, but not huge. It was ok tasting but had hints of bitterness - but that wasn't important either.

He claims he'll come back. I'd be happy to have him return.  I'll get it right so he understand what he's been missing.


Athens GA Poz Guy said...

You always manage to get me erect! I love reading your blog and would welcome the opportunity for you to show me what a great "cocksucker" you truly are too. I would have no problems calling you a cocksucker at all!

Bruce Chang said...

there _is_ something really satisfying about watching your cock get lost in a hole... just one more of the senses to fuel things brighter...

Upton King said...

Such a talent. And how giving... isn't community service rewarding? Great story. Thanks for sharing. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

Cleveland bottom guy said...

Nice one, as usual!