Saturday, April 26, 2014

Gloryhole Service

I have mentioned before that gloryholes are (or can be) the great equalizer.

Back in the olden days when gloryholes were public, the holes were generally big enough for a cock to go through and nothing else. If done correctly  - meaning that either person didn't really look through other than at the cock - anonymity could still be achieved.

The person on the other side could be 17 or 70.  But to the eater on the other side, it was just cock.

I laugh / cringe at ads on any site who advertises their home gloryhole and then asks for pics and stats before you come over. They truly do not get what the glorhole is all about.

And the home gloryholes are usually subpar. I've been to places where it is a hole cut in a sheet that is taped to a doorway.  But recently I found one that was almost expertly crafted.

Good woodwork. A smooth hole that was dremeled out. Even a carving at the base so feet could go under so one could get closer to the door / hole.  This is important and like a stall one of yore - if my readership remembers those public john service stations.

The handles could have been higher for me because that's how I like them. And the hole was too large for me, because it provided less privacy. But I get that not everyone is the same height and needs access one way or the other, so this guy was doing what he can.

But gloryholes do something else - at least for me:  they can make you anything you want to be.

No sights, no expectation, no preconceived notions for the person on either side of the door.

You know I'm 99.6% bottom.  Yet recently a gloryhole changed me horniness up quite a few notches.

I'm not even sure why I went, since I tend to suck and take it up the rear. But I had not gotten off in weeks - in any way, shape or form. And I didn't want to waste it with my fist.

He lived in the upper half of a duplex. I walked in and up the stairs. At the top you see the GH.  I unzipped and stuck my cock through. And waited. He wasn't right there, but somewhere in the house. I opted to stick it there and just wait till he saw it. He did.

The guy gave expert head. He knew his shit. I let him suck, but those handles let me grab hold to really pump his face - as much as one can against a sturdy piece of wood. I also saw him trying to look through and up at me, to see who was feeding him. I told him not to. But I know he kept attempting.

I only lasted maybe 10 minutes...or slightly longer. It was a big load, but I'll give him this, he took it. He gagged once, but most guys who claim they can handle it will cough it up.  Not this guy.

I did a second visit a few weeks later.  The mouth was just as awesome. But I said loud enough - 'someday I'd like to fuck your ass'.

You know I'm not a top, but I was rock hard and here anything seemed possible.

Without hesitation he stood up and backed his ass to the hole. With my spit as lube, I just slid into the guy. Clearly this wasn't his first time.  Maybe not even first time today.

Unlike most times I fuck, staying hard was not an issue. I was solid.

Again, using the handles, I was able to gain some leverage when it came to really putting it to the guy. The door is a real sound barrier. I could barely his moans and requests. He couldn't hear mine either. But it was cock to ass - in and out, over and over.

It's me, so I didn't last long. More than 5 minutes, less then 10.  But to be fair, he wanted me to get off and was milking his hole. On purpose. Trying to push me over the edge.  And it worked.  I dumped a two week load in his ass.

After that, the guy hounded me by email to return.

Truth be told, it was kind of nice to be wanted for my dick, though deep down, I knew I'd rather be taking it.  But he wouldn't give up and he made me swell with pride. And at one point he caught me at a weak moment - so I returned.

I crawled up the steps but this time he was more timely in getting to the door. Still trying to catch a peek of me, he was on his knees expertly sucking me.  Soon enough his ass was up.

My fucking style started fine. The man can easily take a big cock up his ass, but wasn't loose, but clearly he's had lots and lots of practice.

But the old me returned. Keeping it hard was a chore. I'm not truly built to top. He even put a cockring on me to get me back to a place where he could get me to finish.

I also whipped out my phone. It's dark. It's crude. But I took video. While the video is over 4 minutes long, honestly, I fucked him longer, just didn't film it all.

Next time, I'd rather it be someone videoing me taking it up the ass than giving it.

But for that moment, the gloryhole made me a different person.  But just for a moment.


Anonymous said...

Those were the days. Was the top of the door open too so you could put your hands up there?

BlkJack said...

Holy fuck! I don't think I've heard your voice before. Sexy commanding voice and a big thick cock, makes for a hot sexy fucker! Thanks for a great post!

Explorer Jack said...

Wow! That was a surprise! For a sub bottom, you know how to get verbal, eh? Nice to hear your voice...and growls!

Thanks for sharing.

Bruce Chang said...


Anonymous said...

nice cock! did he do a atm for you?

Athens GA Poz Guy said...

Incredibly HOT! I remember old style glory holes too and hate that the younger generation just doesn't partake in the old style truly anonymous fuck sessions of yesteryear! Like you, it amazes me when someone posts ads stating "no strings" etc. and then immediately start demanding photos. Get the fuck over it! A cock is a cock in my book!

Joesph said...

i remember the good ole days when you could get your dick sucked and go on your way, with NO strings attached truly. these mobile phones and pics have changed the game.

that's a nice gloryhole. i don't do private holes. too many hidden cams. with these Google Glass on people's faces, i'm pretty much done.

i miss the good ole days! gloryholes really made me come alive.

Anonymous said...

Hi i guess the video was tajen don but i would so love to ser and helar ir