Thursday, April 03, 2014

Go & Cum & Go

A while a go, a friend of mine told me, after I slept with one or two black guys, that a signal has gone up and now only black guys will be contacting me.  Honestly, he called it the 'black stink' - but not in a bad way.

While white guys have not disappeared, there does seem to be an increase in the number of black men interested in hooking up with me. Maybe they have a listserve that gets the word out about the white cocksuckers who like black dick.

So a guy emailed me from a long ago placed ad wanting to know if I was free. I would be, I said - which corresponded with him finishing his gym work out.

His stats were nice.  His body was nicer

He said he'd be by after he showered. I told him not to bother - as I liked the smell and taste of a guy who had just worked out.  He said he would really really need to shower as he was rank, so I caved. 

But a few minutes later he said he was on his way and skipped his shower.  Fuckin' A. 

It was freezing out but there he was in shorts and a t shirt. We got right down to it. 

Unfortunately it was all oral. Don't get me wrong, I love sucking cock - LOVE IT - but this guy I'd have loved to have up my ass. But at this time, it was not what he was looking for. 

The man's shorts and shirt were soaked with sweat. His workout had gone well as he had soaked through his t-shirt and his underwear and his shorts. Before him taking them off, I made sure to smell them.....sniff deep.  Lick them too.  

I don't know what he thought of me doing this - or if he knew what to make of it all. I didn't really care. 

I was down on my knees, sniffing his crotch and slowly pulling down his shorts and briefs. His cock was nice and hard and very dark. Don't ask me why, but on black guys, I do prefer darker skin. His balls were shaved or at least smooth. 

The cock went into my mouth and I fucking savored it. Tasting the flesh. Tasting the musk. Getting it wet, making the dark skin darker with my saliva. It's a good test marker for the feeder to see how far an eater like myself is getting down on his disk. 

I took it all the way. 

After a bit, he sat in a chair and directed my head up and down at the pace he desired. I like to think I know what I'm doing, but each guy is different on what he likes and how he approaches an encounter like this. If he felt more in control this way - let him have it. He's the boss. 

Soon he was sitting back on a bed and I was still on my knees. I went to his balls, which he spread his legs for me to get to. They were smaller than you'd think, but tasted of a gym workout. I tested the waters and went further south. He was receptive for a minute but then didn't want his hole eaten. 

I SO wanted to dive into that and clean it out, especially since he hadn't showered after the gym. It's the taste of a real man. 

As I went back to his cock for some deep throat action, him laying back, he talked about how he'd like to fuck me sometime. That got my cocksucking skills a little more excited. I milked his cock with my mouth and throat. 

He held my head tight. He pumped and I dove and bobbed. We had a good synchronization of feeder and eater skills going on. 

He then held my head real tight and said, "you're gonna make me piss".   

I thought, "huh?"  I had never really experienced this while in the middle of giving head. Sometimes at the end - even a time or two right at the beginning, but not in the high point of a blowjob.  

But piss he did. Not a lot, but not a little either. His cock was far into my mouth and you know, we were in a nice room where I didn't want piss all over, so I took it. Every drop. 

He went back to pumping my throat after that and I'd say within 90 seconds he was now unloading another bodily fluid into my mouth.  Sweet. Hot. Semen. 

I took every drop of that too. 

He was kind of turned on and a little freaked out at what he had just done - or what I had just done. Mainly the piss thing. I'm not sure he was expecting to need to piss or that a white cocksucker would drink it. But I did. 

He got back into his damp, smelly clothes and I followed him to the door. With me right behind him, I reached around and played with his crotch. He wasn't soft. He didn't stop me. 

I told him how great his cock was and I swear it got harder.  Guys love hearing how great their cock is. 

He said if I keep that up, I'm getting a second round. I told him he could bend me right over the kitchen counter and give it to me. 

"You'll do anything I say".  

I said. That didn't sound like a question. He replied that it wasn't one.  But he had to go. I had to let him. 

He said I would hear from him. I hope I do. 


CoolTop said...

I admit you are right-- despite all my other charming qualities and accomplishments, being told I have a good dick is the most gratifying compliment I can receive.

Bruce Chang said...

If you overstimulate the head of my cock, it makes me piss too...