Thursday, November 20, 2014

50 Tokens

It was my second webcast.  Sexcast. Sexual webcast.

Back in July I wrote about my first streaming sex show. I finally had my second a few weeks ago (I know, I'm way behind on posting and actually have quite a back-up of stories to dispense, some that are now months old).

Like the last time, I threw an ad out on CL letting guys who might be into showing off what my plan was. The venue, like last time, was still Chaurbate. My feelings about the guys asking for donations have / had not changed.

I got a few lame responses. I got one real one.

A big dicked black man.

He might be leaning a little into that sink top and measuring tape, but we'll give him the 8" for good measure. It was a decent size thickness and a nice vein or two that was visible from space.

This time, I gave a little head's up on Twitter that I would be doing this - along with a tentative start time and the Chaturbate channel. I don't know how much it helped or not.

The guy arrived and opened his pants. While he wasn't horribly vocal or anything during the session, he remained rock hard and didn't seem to care that some white cocksucker was down on his cock while a host of anonymous guys (and a few women) watched. It's not like anything but his cock and part of his upper thighs were showing. He had no identifying marks.

I won't say there was anything spectacular about my blowjob - other than it being my AWESOME mouth - but people watched.

Now and again, I'd take my lips off the black rod and peek at the screen. At one point I had 118 viewers. It might have been more at some time, but I didn't keep a continual focus on that part of the encounter.

I would say most folks on this webcam site do nothing but jack off, so they can interact (or ignore) their viewers. I wasn't exactly ignoring mine, but I was preoccupied. I saw lines of text going, so I know folks were chatting - amongst themselves or to me. I could not reply. My mouth was full.

I did pull off for a minute, as I knew my feeder was getting closer and asked people where he should cum.

I'm a cocksucker by trade and naturally want that sperm in my mouth, but that doesn't make for a good show. Porn business be damned, but people want the money shot. I totally get that. And after I asked the question, almost all of the responses wanted to see him shoot.

While some said 'chest' and some said 'face', none of them said, "in the mouth". I took the initiative to have him do it on my face with an extended tongue.  Where I could have scooped the load off my chest, the visual of the face seemed to be better for me - and hopefully better for my viewers. And I could lick it clean if it reached anywhere near my tongue.

Mr. Feeder had a decent load. I stuck out my tongue. He took a step closer and unleashed his sperm.

Much of it hit my beard. It hit my face. It went on my tongue and around my mouth.

He didn't seem too fazed when I turned to the camera to show it off - to lick it off - to scoop it up and feed myself. I could see the comments scrolling but not focused enough to read any of them at that time.

As he started to immediately pull on his clothes, I showed the audience the jizz coating me....and letting them watch me ingest it.

I told the viewers I'd be right back and escorted the feeder to the door.

When I returned, I was down under 100 viewers. After they saw the show, they left - and that's cool.

I had a few minutes to read their comments and questions and provide a little feedback. I also noticed a number of people had "tipped" me.

As I said in my last post regarding streaming, I wasn't in it for the amazon wish list or getting tips. It was awful nice of them to do that for me, but it was not my goal.

I notice that guys on that site will drag out their exploits in hopes of receiving tips before they do x, y or z. I'm not that kind of guy.

I just wanted to show off.

A number of guys did a 'follow me' click, so anytime I sign on, they get an email notification that I would or could be broadcasting.

We'll see how that goes.

But now I have 50 tokens I don't know what to do with - except maybe spend them on other hot men who are showing off and request 50 tokens to take it to the next level.


BlkJack said...

Maybe you'll be nominate for an Oscar or Emmy for best performance. lol I need to try and catch one of the shows!

Anonymous said...

Hot! What's your screen name there?

Athens GA Poz Guy said...

I watched this show and very much enjoyed every bit of it stud!