Thursday, November 06, 2014

Politics of Sex

Frustrated with the results of this week's elections, and intent on making the CL ads sound better than looking to score "gas money' for sex, I went with the creative - which normally gets me nowhere:

Republican men: you must be bursting with pride today. Your chest is sticking out a bit farther, your dick twitches with just a bit more confidence. 

Bet you'd like to show a liberal democrat how you take your prize. You take what you want and how you want it. 

Smirk, while you put me onto my knees. Sneer, as you see my lips part of your fleshy manhood. Tower over me as you take control of my right to choose. Dump your unborn voters into my mouth, holding my head until each one of them has disappeared. Then leave (or show me the door) - like nothing happened. 

I am masculine and workout. You should too. You should have an air of arrogance about you today. Be HWP. Show me that you're the winner and I'm the loser.

It was a throwaway ad - and I expected nothing to come of it. Yet, I got a response immediately: "Great Ad' wasn't what I wanted, but I thanked him nonetheless. He replied with decent stats, free all day, asked when and where..................and then went silent. 

I got another response that went like this: 

Definitely ready to celebrate here. Any chance you're looking to get your liberal cunt fucked too?
White top here, 6-3 200#, 7 thick cut inches, and a big load to shoot....

Clean it out good.- you'll be licking me clean after I fill your twat. No choice! I don't want any shit on my dick, and I'm not wearing a condom .

What a sweet-talker, but it was EXACTLY what I was looking for. Other emails were traded, including date, location, how to get in through the door and where I'd be waiting.  ....and waiting.....and waiting. 

I was generous and gave him 30 minutes before sending off this: 

So like most republicans you're all talk and no action, huh?

You demand more than what was offered. The liberal bows to compromise and you still squelch on the deal. 

And of course - no communication.  


Yes, I can be a bitter Democrat and cocksucker. I kind of was expecting a 'fuck you' reply, yet none came. 

All was not lost. I got a reply: 33, 5'11", 200. His cock looked ok, but nothing outstanding and he was .82 miles away. He made it over in less than five minutes. 

He was a good old boy. Unbuttoned shirt with a wife beater below it. Jeans. Cap. Hair on the chin with little on his cheeks and no mustache. 

As soon as he was in, he started unbuttoning his jeans. Some guys who show up like this shift foot to foot not knowing what to do next. That insecurity might be charming to some, but I like a man who knows what he wants and hesitates not a bit. 

He stood there waiting for me to go to my knees where I opened his pants. He didn't wait, pulled them off along with his multi-colored briefs and presented himself.

The cock was small and not even semi-hard. Yet. 

As I put it in my mouth and worked on it, the rod grew. And the pic he included totally undersold what a beautiful piece of meat it was. Thick - 7" straight shaft that didn't stick out but when straight up. It was a good angle for sucking. It fit in my mouth just right and I could deep throat him so the head would lodge in my throat - something he responded to each and every time I did it. 

Unlike most guys who come to this kind of set-up, he was in no rush. He was looking forward to some head. 

For a while he stood over me. I took my time, I showed my skills. He was content and quiet. He was feeling good, but not very verbal about it. But his cock responded. As I said, it grew and got fuller. It was a beautiful cock. 

After a bit, he grabbed a chair and sat his bare ass down in it. With his legs spread and me still on my knees, I just crawled that way and put my head in his lap, albeit with is cock down my throat. It was this first deep throating that got a response from him. Not only did he make a sound from the back of his own throat, his cock got noticeably harder. 

He opted to talk here. Saying sometimes he liked to relax and get head and sometimes he was very aggressive. This made my ears prick up. I actually lifted my head off his cock and told him that would be alright with me - whether this time, or another. 

I didn't want to take him out of his current element, but wanted to him to know I was receptive for repeat business. I didn't want to assume he wanted to come back. I had to earn that right. 

I braced my hands on the arms of the chair while I fellated this stud. His arms, ended up going behind his head. Don't ask me why, but that is such a hot position to see a guy in when he's getting head (or if he's laying back while you sit on his cock).

He told me he liked the job I was doing and that I was doing it well. He didn't rush me, but I was a little disappointed that he also didn't respond when I do the tricks I do with my tongue. I guess everyone doesn't have the same sensations in those places, but I get more positive responses than not. 

Finally, he got the word 'cocksucker' out of his mouth instead of just asking if I liked sucking cock. I know some guys aren't sure if they can use that word.....or the 'faggot' word. I can tell them, but I would rather it be their idea of saying it. That I'm on my fucking knees with the cock of a stranger in my mouth pretty much spells that out. 

All in all, I worked about 20 minutes on his cock. Soon, both hands were on the back of my head. While he didn't push me down on his cock, he wouldn't let me up either. I worked that shaft with the limited space he was giving me. But in reality, he just didn't want me to go anywhere because he was on the edge. 

When the balls emptied, the sperm just kept coming. Some right down my gullet, some pooling and gathering in my mouth. 

I kept his cock in my mouth and nursed it. He kept giving off little squirts and I could feel his dick pulse several times, well after he had shot his wad. I wanted him to know I was taking every drop, and I think he wanted me to know he was making sure every drop came out. 

When I did withdraw from his dick, I do what I normally do: take a guy's hand and guide it to my throat. Like most guys, he looked quizzically at me - not knowing what I was doing or what was to be expected. Like most guys, the light went off in his head after I wrapped his hand around my throat. 

Honestly, I would like them to grasp it more firmly than how I place it, but this is all very new to them. But I like the light in their eyes as they feel me swallow their jizz. 

By the way, he'll be back. Or at least so he claimed. 


Athens GA Poz Guy said...

Damn! What a great cock sucker! I would love to have your down on my cock working it with all your special tongue techniques! Your posts get me horny!

My Load Deep In You said...

Hopefully Boehner will get busted sucking cock at a rest stop on I-71 while McConnell gets busted doing the same thing on I-65

gh_lovr said...

excellent story - at least one good thing came out of the election - and came and came!!

hopefully he`ll be back for more before november 2016

Bruce Chang said...

Unborn voters! Ha!