Friday, November 14, 2014

Manning the GH

I was asked to come back for another photo shoot. I did one last year to mixed results. This one was much more down and to speak. No lighting. No reflectors. No assistant (damn, on that one).

Honestly, instead of an hour, it took 15 minutes. Well 15 minutes plus two hours. There was a set-up that was timed so there was 10 minutes of photos. Two hours of 'wait time'. And then another 5 minutes of photos.

The wait time was not wasted time though and I knew it wouldn't be.

The same man who did the photo shoot is the same one who wrote FAG on my cock in ink, set up his home gloryhole for me to man.

Particulars were not given out and I knew enough not to ask. I wasn't sure if he advertised somewhere that it would be open. Or maybe he had a mailing list of folks he sent out to.

There was little direction or ground rules at first. I was to be naked and in front of the hole. I was not to show my face or to look at theirs.

Now, I try not to look through GHs, though I know everyone does not subscribe to this. It's about the cock, not the person. He could be gorgeous or a troll. But when it's just the cock - it could be anybody your mind conjures up....and that makes you a better cocksucker and ultimately ends up pleasing your partner more.

Without discussing, I knew me getting sucked or off was a non-starter.

"Nick" set up the board and I knelt in front. He was nice enough to provide a plush folded up towel for me to kneel on, as i would be there for almost two and one half hours - in theory.

The set up was this: an outside door opened into a vestibule. In theory there is another door into the house, but the board prevented entry, so the feeders would stand in the vestibule (with the outer door shut) and I was inside the house on my knees.

I got in place but after 10 minutes of waiting, the host said he didn't expect anyone for 20-25 more minutes and to come over and suck his cock in the meantime.

He was on a sofa working about 15 feet or so from the door. And I would find out soon, one of his roommates was elsewhere in the house. I heard noises that I assumed were the front door opening, but it was just a roomie upstairs opening and closing other doors.

As you saw from my other posts, the host has a nice cock that seemed even a little thicker this time.

True to timing, 20 minutes later the front door opened and I was off the host cock and at my station.

All I knew was that he was black. A nice cock, slightly bigger than average, but nothing phenomenal. He let me do my work and just stood there, pressed up against the wood that separated us.

It took me all of maybe seven minutes to get him off. The host came by and snapped this picture.

Between each guy, I went back to the host to nurse on his cock while he worked. Sometimes he'd pay a little attention to me, other times it was all on his laptop. Either way, I was on his cock.

This time, he did give me slight more direction:  get them off as fast as possible. He didn't know how many would show up and he didn't want a line outside.

Got it.

"and I hope you like black dick, because there might be a lot of it."

My liking or not liking of any kind of guy was irrelevant at this point. It was cock, not people. And I wasn't in a position to turn anyone a way or say 'no'.

Guy #2 showed. While I didn't look up at him, it was easy to make out he kept himself in great shape. ....and then he took out his dick. Or what I referred to, in my head, a micropenis.

By the time I got him fully hard, he was about 3".  Maybe 3.5". But starting, I wasn't sure he'd clear the hole to get his dick into my mouth.

It was an ok blowjob. I'd like to say my heart was in it, but I was slightly disappointed in the material with which I had to work. Shallow of me, I fully admit. But I like a mouthful. I will give him this, he shot a nice load of cum. Lots in volumes.

Then there was an overweight white guy. You see how big the gloryhole is, so it wasn't hard to see the belly. And he did have to life some of the weight up and above the hole. A very average cock. But I did my job.

There were a few other ok dicks too.

The host got up once or twice to take a picture. But for the most part, not only did he go back to work, he rarely looked up and almost never commented on a thing. It's like I was not even there. Except that I was - and being pimped out by him.

When back to sucking the host, his roommate walked in. I never looked up or got taken off task. They discussed house matters. He was off to run an errand. Before he left, he was offered my services. He agreed if he were back in time - but he never did return during my stay. I don't even know what he looked like.

One of the last cocks - of the seven I sucked (including the host) - was this one

Thick. Long. Dark as night. This picture does not do it justice. I'm going with at least 9" long and at least 5" around.

There were problems. He stunk. Just walking in the door I could smell him - as if he had not showered in a week.....minimum. It only got worse as he got closer and dropped his fly. It was massively unpleasant, but then....there was that dick. It was like Everest. You wanted to, because it was there.

It's hell being me. So you know what won out. I mean, you can see from the picture what won out.

I would stay five minutes into sucking him - or being face fucked by him - he said he wanted to suck my dick...and wanted my load. I told him that could not happen. I got no back-up from this from the host, who never looked up or replied, if he heard the request at all.  The guy kept asking why, and I had to keep telling him I was only there to suck cock,  not give any. That was my job.

He didn't either understand or care.

Then he wanted to see my ass. I had to ask the host for permission on this. He was ok with it - but it was one of those rules that were never discussed earlier, as I don't think either of us thought it would come up.

The guy felt my ass, even fingered it.....but that's all. I wasn't really prepared to take such a massive tool up my backdoor, though, of course, I would have.....and powered through it. But it never came up.

I went back to my knees and the guy just jerked his cock and wouldn't let me at it until he was ready to cum. Then he just dropped his load in my mouth and was gone.

He was #6.

#7 was the host himself. He sat back on the couch and just let me do my work. As always, he blew a huge load into my mouth and watch me savor it before letting it slide down my throat.

All in all it was an interesting 2+ hours. I would do it again, in hopes of more cock....possibly even better cock. You can't choose who walks through that door, but just like college tea rooms and bookstores, you should just take what is offered as it slips through that hole in the wall.

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Athens GA Poz Guy said...

Fucking HOT! I miss the glory holes of old days where you happened upon them or could go to any college campus and find them. I don't get the whole thing with guys looking through the holes--it totally defeats the purpose of glory hole sex!