Saturday, November 01, 2014

Bam! Bam! Bam!

I'm torn about one of my recent encounters.

I had put up on CL that I was looking to have a load dumped in my mouth. I asked for aggressive. I asked for verbal. I got one true reply - and he delved a little more into dom territory than I expected, but this was not unwelcome.

While we chatted about things he wanted to do - he wanted to know if I get fucked or spanked - and my appropriate responses for someone who is a little more on the sub side, for our first meeting we decided it would be oral only.

First, he typed out 'boi' which I truly loathe.

I'm not 18. I'm not a hairless twink. And even if I were, I'd be a 'boy'. I still am a boy, just a grown-up masculine one - albeit, one who likes cock in my mouth and ass.

But there is dom with style and then there is being aggressive just because you don't know any better let alone have any skill. You are more of a bull in a china shop.

Enter "Mike".  2" shorter than he said - and not in height. 5" tops - and I'm being generous. Big nuts though. He was also a good 20lbs over what he said and all in his gut. Or most of it.

Again - guys with huge guts and small endowments, it's hard for us go get to your peen without encountering a wall of flesh and blubber. Don't blame us if we can't satisfy you like you want. There are physical limitations on what one can achieve there.

But like i said, Mike was a bull in a china shop. I like to get my mouth fucked as much as the next guy, but I am a very very very skilled cocksucker. He just wouldn't know that. He couldn't.

No matter how hard he fucked my mouth, he wanted to fuck it harder. And it was just bam! bam! bam! bam!  There was no way for me to keep my balance with him and he kept knocking me over and he didn't notice or care.

He made it impossible to keep his cock in my mouth when his pounding belly against my face would knock me over or out of the way. He never let me set the pace or show him what I could do with my mouth - how good I could make that cock feel.

And that is where I'm torn.

He is the top in the situation. I am not.

In theory the top should get what he wants when he wants it and how he wants it. How or if I'm satisfied should not play that much into it.  Again, in theory.

A good top, even if they don't want me to get off, wants me to enjoy what I'm doing - at least I think. His needs are still primary.

Mike was just clueless. I think he thinks this was good sex. It wasn't for me and the thing is - the scary thing, that is - it might be good for him. But he doesn't understand how much better it could be.

I like taking the orders, if you will, but it was not something I enjoyed much at all - and you'll remember from recent posts about getting slapped around, spit on and bathed.

I don't mind being treated like a utility, but something in this whole thing was just missing - and I think it was from his lack of experience......though I think he's had a lot of it.....but just sub par experience.

For most anyone else, I would try to help educate, but his exterior shows that this would not be welcome. He is the head cheese in his mind and taking advice from a cocksucker would just be a humiliation for him.

The absolute insult though?  He emailed me later and said, "it was ok, but you could do better".

As if!

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BlkJack said...

I would ask how you could improve? I would make some suggestions that makes him think it was his ideas. Even though you're a sub, you still would like some enjoyment from it or you wouldn't do it. Your readers know very well what you're capable of when it comes to providing service. If he can't appreciate this, maybe you should move on.