Tuesday, November 11, 2014


I can't speak for every homo sex guy out there, but for me, there are / were just certain things you thought would happen when you started having sex.

Let me rewind a bit. I started shoplifting Honcho magazine when I was 15. It's doubtful that mag is even in existence anymore - nor has it been for a while, if that tells you anything about my age.

But for as mature I was for a mid-teen, I was also gullible enough - or hopeful - that some of that shit they wrote in there was true. As I grew older, porn movies didn't deviate much from the scenarios of pictorials or stories:  cops. repair guys. cable guys. truckers. dad's best friend.  Not to mention where these actions took place: tea rooms. parks. bars. backs of cars. truck cabs. movie theaters. prison. army barracks.

I should have been surprised I was not tripping over guys getting it on no matter where I went.

And to be fair - I have made it in bars, tea rooms, parks, backs and fronts of cars and movie theaters - along with the JC Penney rest room when I was 17. Or hotel rooms of strangers when I was 16.

I guess the general public should have been surprised to not be tripping over me getting it on no matter where they went.

I have not knowingly made it with a cop, cable guy, a repair guy or my dad's best friend. However, I can now cross off trucker - and in the truck - off my list.

And let's face it - we all have lists. Actual or mental ones.

A buddy of mine, Spermpig, was in-state working when he texted me that he just had sex in the cab of a truck down the road from his hotel. They were on a pick-up site and decided to hook-up. Now, you might think I'm slutty, but I'm a fucking chaste man compared to Spermpig. He will tell you otherwise - and it is true I might have been more active in my earlier years, but he's more than closing the gap.

So he not only told me about the encounter, he was kind enough to tell everyone on Tumblr about it too.

And while Spermpig was in-state, he was still 3.5 hours aways from me. But he did me a solid by telling this trucker about me. And Mr. Trucker made deliveries up my way as well and got my screen name and before the day was over, sent out a message to me.

It was all well and good. No plans were made. Until the other day when he messaged he was 100 miles away and heading closer to me. Plans were made. Expectations were hatched. Finding a rest area / truck stop was in short order. It would be 30 miles for me, but what the fuck - I went for it.

I parked in the car parking, and he texted where his truck would be. I found it with no trouble. He said the driver door was open and to just hop in. I did, excited as all get out - as I had never been in the cab of a semi before.

Actually, it's exactly how you'd picture it. Cramped, but with a ton of things in there for a man who basically lives there.

We immediately moved to the back - which is about 11" from the front - and I'm being generous. There is an overhead bunk for his travel supplies, including about a dozen pair of jeans. The "bed" is the lower part of the bunk.

We started with dropping our clothes after he shut the dark heavy curtains, that cut out almost all light. It was really so other truckers that were parked about 18" on each side of his rig could not see in - not that I would have cared.

He was a nice looking man with a decent body and a good beard. His cock was about 6.5" with a good head. And married.

Oh, and thanks to Spermpig, this guy thinks I'm married as well.....to a woman. I can play that game, though I had forgotten that tidbit of info until he brought it up, but I recovered well................I think.

We kissed for a few moments, but he was on a schedule so I was on my back in the lower bunk. There's not a lot of room to maneuver, but he managed to line up his cock to my hole and push that fat head through.

There was no time to get use to it, he just plunged than fucked. I wasn't quite as dilated as I would have liked to be, but I adjusted eventually.

Like Spermpig's tale, this guy fucks a long long time. I had my feet up on the bottom of the top bunk while taking his dick. At some point he was standing, ass towards the curtain, and me with my ass off the bunk, feet on the side walls as he shredded my ass.

Then it was on to standing up and bent over and then laying down him on top of me. But he couldn't quite get there.

Of course, I felt defeated. It wasn't until later that I re-read Spermpig's encounter and he had the same situation. So it wasn't me. Or just me.

Trucker jacked his cock and got it close. Got it ready and then pushed in to deliver the warm load.

It's all I needed. All I wanted.

It wasn't the dominant / holy grail experience that movies and porn stories portray, but it was nice to check that off my 'to do' list.

I wasn't out the door and off the step by about 20 seconds before he was pulling away. He got what he wanted too.


Athens GA Poz Guy said...

Fucking HOT! We are definitely about the same age as this post reminds me of so many of my antics just like yours. I have done my share of tea rooms, parks, etc. I also agree we all have those lists. I can easily envision you taking the trucker cock in his bunk! I will definitely be checking out Spermpig's blog now too!

Excellent read!

FelchingPisser said...

I'm glad there was still some sort of cherry for you to break. I love semi cabs...

Bruce Chang said...

I remember Honcho... At 15, I was sneaking into Circus of Books and the porn section at A Different Light bookstore in West Hollywood but even then I was more into the stories than the spreads. I'd usually end up with a couple of issues of... damn. I forgot the name. It's the one that is more like a booklet, the size of the old TV Guide or Reader's Digest and was mostly text-based Daddy/Boy stories...

But anyway, been a longtime reader of Spermpig's blog and I gotta say I got really turned on reading that you guys text each other and that he actually sent a trucker your way. A trucker has always been on my list, too, after reading a very early version of a blog from "the naked trucker" back in the early 2000s...

Nice post.

CoolTop said...

He looks pretty hot in that pic! I always check out truckers when I pass them and they are almost without fail pretty ugly, so you did good, son.

BlkJack said...

Hot encounter! I, too, remember checking out Honcho and many others at the local magazine shops in Chicago. I think the booklet Bruce is looking for is, First Hand.

I have also been a follower of Spermpig for sometime now. The band of brothers providing for each other.

gh_lovr said...

another hot story! the reference to honcho took me back too - honcho, mandate, playgirl, first hand - i still have a few boxes of them in the basement and the smell of fresh ink on a magazine sends me back to those days.

the trucker scene is very hot - glad you knocked it off your list - still on mine - but now it might be a little closer to the top.

love your stories and look forward to more adventures