Friday, November 28, 2014

Being a Feeder

I was in a mood.

It had been a shitty week. I was on my way back from a funeral. And I had not shot a load in almost a month.

That last part is not really a problem for me. I go longer periods of time without getting off at all - including jacking myself off. It's just that talking about it with a certain Sir had got me thinking about it. Normally, I don't pay that much attention.

...and then there he was.

51, 5'10", 190 and smooth was the description. Bald head, said the pic. The face was semi-handsome. Of course, I was hoping he was reaching out to me because he had a load to drop, but no.....he was looking to suck a cock.

Here I was 2 miles away, all dressed up in my funeral duds and with an overactive mind.

In his first message saying he wanted to give head, he also put his hotel name and room number. Ballsy. I liked it.

I parked. I took the elevator up to the 10th floor and found room 1014. I started to stiffen a little in my pants as I waited for the door to open - and knowing he was checking me out through the peep hole. I mean - c'mon, we all do it. Well, all of us who have hotel sex.

"Bryan" looked like his picture though he or the rooms had a less than faint odor of bad booze. He had a t-shirt on and no pants or underwear. While i looked to see what he was carrying, it wasn't that impressive and in my mind, I moved on from wanting to suck him to wanting to be sucked.

I stood there and did nothing.

Bryan rubbed my crotch. He felt it rise a little more, but not fully hard. He got on his knees. He unzipped me. He eventually unbuckled me. He dropped my black suit pants. He encountered my boxer briefs and unlike what I'd normally do, he just pulled those down too.

Personally, I'd savor every moment. Every fabric. Every smell. But I wasn't there to teach.

Bryan had a more than decent mouth, but as I grew, he started to use his hand. I couldn't have that. I reached down and pulled it away while his mouth continued to slide up and down my shaft. This would happen a few other times as well during my stay in room 1014.

He asked me to come over to the bed to lie down. I wasn't in the mood to be told what to do - or even asked.  I also wasn't looking to take off my pants or fold them up (or wrinkle them) so I could lie on an already slept in bed.

The hotel was a newer hip one with European style fixtures like dressers - lower and more modular. I was standing about 4" away from it and I just took a step back and leaned against it, my pants around my ankles.

I was comfortable leaning, my ass resting on the countertop He might not have been as comfortable on his knees, hence his request. I didn't care.

I guided his head up and down my dick and the pace I wanted. He seemed ok with that. I asked him, rhetorically, if he liked my cock - but I got the answer I wanted and expected. He looked up at me with admiration in his eyes.

The word 'cocksucker' came out of my mouth more than once. Low in tone, but cutting to the core, especially if he didn't like being called such a thing.

See - I've said it before and I'll say it again - I've learned a fuck of a lot from the thousands of men I've "helped out". I know how to read them on many levels, but I've learned to channel them too. And I know which level to channel depending on who is in front of me. I intuit well and can figure out their desire and possibly even their limits without discussion.

If I were to top (regularly or even semi-regularly), I'd be one of those strong silent kind of guys. I get the need for verbal domination and fuck knows I love when a guy does that to me. But I am more of a low energy, determined motherfucking kind of of feeder / top.

I get my point across in looks, gestures and a few words, but only a few.

One thing I will say aloud is the willingness to take my load. I don't get off a lot - and the last fucking thing I need to have them do is spit out my seed in a hotel washcloth. I'd rather just go to week 5 of not ejaculating than have that happen.

As he sucked me, I gripped his head with both hands. But I also smacked him upside the head a few times.

Nothing to leave a mark - not that that would be a show stopper - but firm, assertive, making the appropriate contact with palm to side of the face. He'd feel it. I wanted him to. I wanted him to know there was a slight element of danger to letting a stranger into his hotel room.

I didn't do the three or four hits in quick succession. Spaced out to where he wouldn't know they were actually coming - especially the first one.

I'd say I was there 15 minutes before I opted to nut.

Yes, opted to. Since you know I don't get off, clearly you can understand that normally I can control my orgasm. Not as much when I fuck - though I'm getting better at that. But once I make my mind up that I want to come, I can help navigate the seed to come to it's place.

He had confirmed he would eat my load. And I told him, as I do many of the feeder I use, that it would be a big load. They always are, but this would be a four week one - though I didn't tell him that detail. Don't want to scare the guy.

So he was working me and I was ready. With a steady hand, I stopped his bobbing and told him to start swallowing.

Oddly, normally I quake with that kind of load. Actually, with most kind of loads. This time I didn't.

Most loads I can feel the jets and how many. This time they didn't seem that prevalent. I couldn't tell whether is a great big load or not.

He did a good job of swallowing. I could tell near the end, like a lot of guys do, they want to pull back or off. I get that, when it's a big load. But I held him still.

"No're not going anywhere. Swallow it all."

He obeyed.

As he nursed it a little, I gave him one whack on the face for good measure.

There was zero small talk. I could tell he wanted to engage a little, but clearly he read me too. I was all about getting my pants up and grabbing my suit coat.

....and 1014 door was closing behind me.

The next day, I got a nice little note from him via Scruff messenger.

Thank you for stopping yesterday. I enjoyed your subdued domination and control and the slaps were awesome.

Fuck right they were.


BlkJack said...

Did you have your hand around his throat to feel him swallow your seed? Even though I have sucked and fed countless number of men I'm always open to learning how to be better at satisfying men. Thanks for a hot post.

Bruce Chang said...

I'm diggin' the complexity that is you.

ralfie said...

man i'd love to suck you too ...i love being made to swallow it all, even though i will anyway

ralfie said...

man i'd love to suck you too ...i love being made to swallow it all, even though i will anyway