Monday, January 12, 2015

All Talk

"When are you going to drop to your knees and treat my cock like it is the only thing in the world you care about other than my balls and hole, that is?"

That was his opening remark to me, via email, while replying to a CL ad where I said I needed a load to start of my weekend. Apparently, I put something in that ad about being verbal and aggressive. It is something I would and have done, I just don't remember putting it in this particular post.

This opening remark made my pulse quicken and my cock harden. I tried not to be like a school girl, rushing back too fast to answer, as he'd sense my desperation.

It seems he got a whiff of it anyways.

6'4", I'm guessing 230, 6"cut, thick, said he was good looking, big balls and a huge load.

Who am I to say 'no'?

He showed. Indeed he was tall and handsome, he was also coming from work, very blue collar - not that I am complaining. Like many trades folks, he smoked - and apparently a lot. Clothes, hands, breath smelled of cigarettes. It's' not my favorite, but it is not like I was living with him or going to make out with him.

"Dan" was rough. His first response to me was cocky. His stature said 'cocky'.  So did his attitude.

He was imposing, even for me. He was taller than myself and well outweighed me. But he was a right in your face kind of guy. I could smell his pheromones and cigarettes at the same time.

He put his mouth on my neck. He put his peach fingers on my nipples - almost as if he knew. He was me weak right then and there - and I kind of hate myself for giving up the ghost within a minutes time.

While he took off his down vest - the rest of his unclothing was left up to me. And while they were work clothes - in every sense of the words - I carefully folded them as needed, if nothing else but to show my respect.

Dan's idea of 'treating his cock' and mine were two different things.

First thing he did was flip me around so I was no longer facing him but facing the wall. He was right behind me, "threatening" penetration.

He asked if I liked that. I nodded. But his own agenda was, "you say you don't like it, but deep down you know you do".


I let him have it. I kept quiet and did most of my communication non-verbally. At this point his cock wasn't even out of this briefs.

He turned me back around and insisted on kissing me. His hands held my face tight as he not only kissed, but stuck his tongue in my mouth - letting me taste every cigarette he'd had of the day. That is not my ideal.

When I did get his cock out, I was on my knees but looking at him right in the eye. I love doing that, so they know that while their cock is important, I'm not there for the penis, but for the man. That I can delay the viewing if it means making a mental connection with the top.

That's my take anyways - I'm not sure if they see it that way.  (tops can weigh in on this, if they'd like.)

His 6" was 5. Decent head. But the balls - and I'm seeing this now and again - were tight and hard. Like dried out leather, hard. Ridged and ribbed and no give to them at all. Is this a thing? Is it a reaction to something they are doing or not doing, that they should?

So when he told me to run my tongue over them, it was like - and I'm guessing since I've never actually done it - licking a medicine ball that had been left out in the desert for 4 weeks. Deflated. hard and almost calloused.

I didn't really get to suck him that much - so I don't know what he considered 'treating his cock'. I got a few swipes, sure, but less than a dozen.

Again, he stood me up and pressed me face against the wall. I was anticipating a fuck that never came. He said he would. He said he'd cum multiple times. He said he'd HAVE to cum multiple times.

Soon though, he had me on my knees and without a word or knowing he was close - he unloaded on my face.

Well my face, the top of my head, the back of my shoulders and as it turns out, the wall behind me.

I will give him this, he shot a lot, he shot with force and distance. But none of it was what I was expecting. Normally, you get the question of 'where do you want the load?' and this time I didn't. But my ad was clear of where I wanted it. His response, in retrospect, didn't say he would. Of course, that is in retrospect - but as I read it the first time, assumed it read differently.

Live and learn.

As for multiple loads?  He was done with his last jet and he was pulling on his briefs.

He was done.

I think he liked talking about all the things we could have done more than he liked doing them - or was able to do them.

It is one for the books, but I don't see a need to revisit that, if the opportunity ever came around again.


Bruce Chang said...

Nothing more sadistic than frustrating a guy's expectations... ha!

LeatherSkinBikerChgo said...

It doesn't matter what you want. You got what he wanted to give you.

The mental connection is optional.

I don't know what causes the dry tight balls.