Friday, January 02, 2015

Two In. One Out.

It was a cold Sunday. I had already taken five loads - four in my ass, one in my mouth.

You heard about three of them in the last post. The first two in my ass in the wee hours of morning counted of course, but the stories are too mundane to bother to write, let alone have you go through the motions of reading.

Still, five loads in a 10 hour period is still admirable, if I say so myself. But it is always easier being the out-of-towner with the hotel room that will bring the folks out who'd never come your way if you resided within city limits.

It's a fact.

But heading back home - surprise !!!! - I was still horny. And a little devil on my shoulder (or texting me on my phone) told me to "I think you need more cum". Who am I to argue?

So I ended up here.

$12 later, I was back wandering the darkened booths, hoping my eyesight would adjust so I could see what dregs of society were walking around near me. Or, I mean, the one hopeful treasure that might be watching a movie who was in need of relief.

There was one. But he was that asshole guy who didn't understand that if you pull out a nice 8" dick and stroke it within a booth that has no doors, that some fucking homo is going to watch you. stop being so offended when one does. This cannot be news to you.

He zipped up and walked away. Dude. Whatever.

I did stumble across a mild-mannered guy. One of those men who you'd never ever think would venture into one of these places. Yet, there he was. You think he'd be more comfortable at home watching a golf match while his wife cooked dinner than here, but then you realize he's the guy who is seemingly comfortable everywhere.

He doesn't react when I look in his booth. He actually smiles. And while he reaches out to cup my groin, he is just as happy when you do it back......and then pull down his zipper......then move him to where you hand been standing so you're at mouth to crotch level.

He could have come here to suck or be sucked. Since you've taken the lead, he's just following. A totally affable chap who isn't meek, but is just as happy that you took the lead.

His dick wasn't big, but it was ok. I liked it more that he liked what I was doing. A number of times, he would pushed me off, as he was getting too close. I attribute that to he was on edge anyways, which is how he ended up at a dump like this. I attribute part of it to that I have excellent oral skills.

It's not bragging if it's true.

He pushed back a little saying he didn't want to get off just yet, as he just got here. I nicely told him - again not bragging - that I had walked around and he wasn't going to find better. He chuckled enough to let me know that he'd been here before and knew that quality and quantity here are not equal. He let me continue.

Most amazing was that he positioned himself so that others looking in could easily see. In a way you could see him as a more private kind of a guy, but clearly he had a streak of an exhibitionist in him. I admired that. It's always the quiet unassuming ones.

It didn't take much longer to get him off. I was rewarded nicely with a mouthful of hot husband cream. He didn't pull out afterward, stroking the side of my face as I nursed him. But when he was done he was done........and gone.  Just how I like 'em.

Guy #2 was in a darkened room that had couches and chairs. Late 30s, bearded, stroking his 7" dick while a less stellar man sat across from him. I touched his cock and he didn't flinch. I dropped to my knees and took him in my mouth and he didn't stop me.

I could have asked to go to a booth, but he was here for a reason. I suspect for the bigger audience. I wasn't from here. I didn't care. And I certainly don't mind being watched.

I knew guys were walking by. I knew guys were stopping. But none stayed. And better yet, none tried to break into the action, which is always an issue. Maybe bearded man waved them off, as my face was always in his crotch.

He tried to push me off twice, but I kept going. Yes, I get he wanted to save his load, but I wanted it more. And I received it. Plentiful and a little bitter............but I fucking got it. And I took every drop.

As I got off my knees and wandered back out to the booths, I saw a late 20 something, again with a full beard. He was hot and handsome. I wanted his cock.

Unfortunately, what he wanted was cock. He told me he saw me sucking and he was looking for another load himself.....up his ass.

Mind you, I just took load #7 and was rock hard. And he was hot.

He started to walk away, but I grabbed his ass.

"So you're looking to take seed up here?", I said to him.  He told me yeah. We went to a booth.

He had an excellent mouth but I didn't want that. What I wanted, I wasn't getting, so if I was going to get off, it wasn't going to be in his mouth. That's what he wanted too.

His pants were around his ankles soon enough. He was bent over in front of me, hands bracing himself against the opposite wall. I went in with no problem.

He might have been late 20s but he's been around. And I could feel the just deposited load that was in his hole. I even asked him how bad the guy was - and was his need that great. But he told me it was a really hot guy. So it was probably that guy who took offense to me watching. Maybe I was his troll. What would be painful to know, if true.

The guy had a talented ass. Let's just start there.

As always, I work it into the sex convo and get how long he's been getting fucked. 13 he was by a 15 year old. A 30 year old by the time he was 15. I called him a "whore", as I slipped him 8 thick inches.

I could feel the other guy's load in him. Hell, I could HEAR it, as I started to pump. This kid was wet.

Guys came and went, oddly only looking in for a second or two. Usually they linger. Usually they don't see fucking. I'm glad they left, though it didn't slow me down when they did peek in. I kept pumping away.

Since you've been reading this year, clearly, I've fucked more than most years combined. My stamina is better. I don't pop off within three minutes anymore.

I'm finding guys like that 3 minute fuck. They want the load more than they want the cock. I get that. Kind of.

As a fuckee.......quickies can be just fine. Or if the guy isn't that desirable...but you want to do the deed anyways. But normally, I like to know I've been fucked. I want the guy to feel my guts with the nerve endings on his shaft. I want him to feel good as long as he can before blasting his jizz into me.

And as a that I have a little more control, I like to do that too. The problem sometimes lies with the guy who wants it over quickly. I can't always cum on command, nor do I want to. And truth be told, some of these little snots need to know how to be better bottoms, to realize it's not about their needs.

I mean, I kind of live by that as a mostly-bottom. I worship the man. The cock. And the load. Let us both know our place, whichever it may be.

I fucked this guy for 15 minutes easily. He was pretty good about - just now and then mentioning how much he'd like the load. I told him to be patient. And he was.

But what a grip. I'm just saying, he seems like a natural whore, and just took a ride before me, yet his grip on my shaft was like a fist. He had me on edge a few times, but I slowed up. And then I'd plunge. I extract 95% of the way and then go in fully. He flinched, but in a good way. This wasn't his first rodeo......even for the day.

Truth be told, I had to be somewhere, so looking at my watch, I said, "let's finish this up, shall we?". He actually got excited by that. The prospect of getting the load sooner than later, that is. He told me to cum in him.

Another 60-90 seconds of pumping and I was unloading 5-6 days of semen into his already coated guts. Again, with the milking, he was making sure he got every drop.

It's horrible of me, but while I was coming off my euphoric orgasm, I was now thinking, 'crap, I have to get to a bathroom to clean up a little before heading out'.

But then as I slipped out, he went to his knees and carefully, and fully, cleaned me off with his mouth.

I told him he was a 'good boy'.....and to make sure he got everything all tidy.  And he did.

Then he was gone. Looking for load #3 I suspect.

I thought for a second of looking to see who he snatched, but then opted to just get the fuck out of there.

It was a good weekend.


Bruce Chang said...

It's always a welcome surprise when a guy cleans you up afterwards... I'll endure the overstimulation post-cum for the sight of a pig licking me clean any day.

LeatherSkinBikerChgo said...

It's good that you gave as well as received.