Thursday, January 22, 2015

Daddy 2

Two days later, I was back in the hotel lobby. We had chatted via text - and he told me how much he liked me being in his room. That of all the men who had visited there, I was the best.

It was not surprising or hurtful that he had others there - at least three others - as he was a highly desirable man. Clearly a very sexual man. I was happy to be part of his stay. And I was the only guy to be asked for a return visit - according to him.

During our chat, he asked if I minded the slaps and hits. I said I did not. I asked him if he had held back some and he admitted he had. I told him that might not be necessary and we both left it at that.

Earlier he had sent me a pic of his body.

But I commented on his jeans. He told me he brought those with him and sure enough that day he was wearing them. The only difference was the 2" wide black leather belt is not pictured.

Again I followed him to his room at a respectable distance, so not to have co-workers seem like things were up. This time upon entering, he went directly into the bathroom to piss. While he didn't invite me in verbally, he didn't shut the door either.

I went him behind him and felt his body. I then sat on the edge of the tub to watch his golden stream go from his head to the bowl. Part of me thinks I was waiting for him to turn and shoot it on or in me. Or to grab my head. An amateur shrink would have said that was exactly what I wanted. Maybe.

After he finished, he leaned back against the wall and I went to my knees. There I sucked his thick thick thick cock, tasting some lingering urine a the head. Like last time, he instructed me very carefully when to go deep, when to just take the head, when to lick, etc.

Luckily for me, I follow directions very carefully.

But soon, we were back out to the living area. Back to his chair. Back to me on my knees. And back to fellatio (well, he was Italian!) and giving and taking direction (him and me, respectively).

And like last time, I took it upside the head by the palm of his hand. Since we had slightly discussed the severity - or possible lack thereof - of the smacks, this time, they were undoubtedly harsher and more frequent.

The cock inside my pants was also harder.  Surprise!!!!!

Instead of loosening his belt like last time, he took it off. As I leaned into him, to suck dick, his belt went across my back. Not with little taps, but with as much of a full-on swing as he could muster while sitting back in the chair.

Yes, it stung. But the words "no" or "stop" or "don't" never passed my lips. I don't think that went unnoticed.

I also don't think it was unnoticed that after the first half dozen, as I would see his arm go back and I knew what was coming, I involuntarily cringed. My body language said it, but my mouth did not. So another smack was delivered.

Upon coming off of his cock, I was presented with the belt leather to lick. Then he started feeding the belt into my mouth and to the back of my throat. He knows what he's doing, that man.

I was taken back to the bedroom where his pants came down somewhat. There I went back to orally servicing. And happy to do it.

But I worked my way down too. Since had really taken nothing off, nor was going to, I wanted to enjoy it all. That included his Italian Army Boots.

They were handsome and rugged, just like their owner.

The leather and color was as pristine as they are in the picture. The soles seemed clean too, but they were covered in some grime and road salt.

How do I know this?  Because I licked every inch of both boots - top and bottom. I was told to spit shine and that was what I did. I was in fucking heaven. He seemed more amused than turned on.

Before I was allowed to go back to his cock, I was ordered to go rinse out my mouth. You might be a little disgusted to know how much spit came out black and brown. I guess it stands to reason.

Of course there was more belt / back work as well after I went back down on him. And it was only a matter of minutes before I got his load.

Knowing he had someone over the night before, and here I was now at 9:45a getting a sizable spunk load from him was impressive to say the least. And like the last time, he went from mouth to ass.

After I ingested his semen, he got me on my back, pulled up my legs and fucked me. He was a little harder this time, probably because he knew he could be. Probably because, as he stated last time, he didn't care how I felt. And probably, because he had another load and something to prove.

It was all good.

I knew we had a time limit and it didn't take long for the second load, which he deposited right up my hole.  ....though he was owning that hole right about then. Stretching it out, with his girth.

He was quick to withdraw, which was a shame. And he went back into the restroom to piss. I sat again to watch and he changed his mind and told me to get in the tub. There he pissed all over me. Chest, arms, cock and then up to my face and head. Covered me in his fluid.

I was happy to dress and leave as is, but he would not have it. I guess the risk of me coming out of his room and seeing a colleague of his while wearing and smelling of his piss was too much. I was ordered to shower, which I did.

I knew it would be our last time, even though he was in town the next morning. We made no promises to meet again.

But I got a nice message via my phone and I thanked him for the time. He reminded me not to put things in the past, as he would be back again and he would be using me again.

A boy can dream.


FelchingPisser said...

Leather Belts
Boot Licking
What a nice wake up read!

I haven't had my boots licked in almost a year. Ages ago, I thought it might be fun to have a guy lick my boots from just a domination side of things. I wasn't prepared for how good his tongue felt through the leather, tracing patterns on my feet...

Anonymous said...

Hi BikeGuy,

Regular reader -- first time commenter. This is a very hot story -- you were fortunate to connect with a man who either read you perfectly or didn't care what you thought or felt. In any event, it worked out to your great advantage! And ours! I look forward to your account of his return (here's hoping).

Paul, NYC

BlkJack said...

Honesty and good behavior should always be rewarded. Good for you!

Anonymous said...

Ha, when he ordered you to the bathroom, I sort of hoped he'd piss *inside* your hole and fuck you then, the piss still inside you. Had that once, and it adds truly a new dimension to the feeling of getting screwed.

LeatherSkinBikerChgo said...

I wouldn't have let you shower.