Monday, January 05, 2015

New Year's Day Suck

He comes to town during the holidays every year. Or at least the last three. Sometimes with his seemingly hotter partner, sometimes by himself.

I've chatted with both of them on one of the pick-up apps (because, they're not dating apps - no matter how much stupid folks try to convince themselves). But as time went on, I'd only end up chatting with one of them. Him.

39, 5'10" 190 ish. 6.5" with a PA (sometimes). Lives out of town, clearly.

As it turns out, I think he is probably the hotter one of the group. Not the bf. But some of it is looks, and some attitude.

The talk had always been hot, but timing never matched up, or maybe they didn't want it to. I was willing, but I'm not the normal barometer, am I? This last New Year's Day, it was a little different.

My gym was open and I was planning to be there. But got a message from this guy asking what I was up to. He was headed back east - driving and wanted a blowjob before heading out.

Well, I was game, but I still had some holiday guests, so I suggested meeting somewhere. He was game for that. If it had not been so frickin' cold, I'd have been happy to do it in some woods near by, but the temps didn't allow for that - at least where one could maintain a hard-on easily.

As it was a holiday, I knew a few public places that would not be crowded and suggested on to him: the parking lot of a commuter rail station. He didn't say 'no', so I said I'd be there in 15 minutes.

His reply: "I don't wait around for faggots".  Fair enough.

I made excuses to my guests saying I was off to the gym earlier than expected and sped to get to my destination on time. He was waiting in a parking area that had a little traffic, but he followed me to a completely empty area. This could have had its drawbacks, as our two cars stood out like sore thumbs, but it also had a good viewing area of anyone even remotely approaching from far away.

No worries, we had no unintended "visitors".

I got into his rented Yaris - which is a crappy car, but it has no center console, which makes it easy for leaning over and giving head. Luxury automobiles have made road head much more uncomfortable.   ....I've heard.

He had on sweat pants, a zip-up sweat jacket and a wife beater below that. When I got into the car, the jacket was already unzipped and he had pulled his soft cock out of his pants. It was still soft when I bent over and took it into my mouth - as we had not verbal play after my door shutting. It was all business.

I know he pulled out his phone and videoed me from the top of my head down on his cock.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't video it from another angle - as you can see. He and I were the only recipients of such video exchange. But it gave nice perspective.

He was rock hard in seconds, by the way.

"Nice way to wake up", he said to me as I bobbed on his cock.

He asked how it tasted, I told it him tasted fucking great, because it did. But I love all cock in my mouth.

He had great precum - in volume and taste.....and I told him so. Then I told him I bet his protein shake tasted better.  It was a reference to him telling me earlier in text that he had one for me.

As one point a train went by and he pushed me down and held me there, "stay down" he said. It was doubtful there was anyone on a train that time of day, or on a holiday, but I complied. I liked being down in his crotch anyways.

While I could have nursed the cock all day, I actually picked up the pace quite quickly. I sucked. I bobbed. I used my lips and tongue. And he responded. He even reached behind me and down my sweat pants to feel my hole. If only I had a place to go where he could have fucked it.

Then his hand kept going back to my head and pushing me deep.  Deep enough to make me gag.  "Gag on it.....c'mon....gag on it.  Oh fuck, I'm gonna fuckin' fill your throat."

Then there was lots and lots of grunts and moaning and catching his breath.

Six days of cum went into my mouth....though much of it directly into my throat. I didn't get to taste much, but it felt warm as the slime slid down my gullet.

I cleaned him up. We said our goodbyes with no more to say. He headed to home somewhere back east and I went to the gym.  He with lighter nuts. Me with a belly full of jizz.

Good way to start 2015.


BlkJack said...

Sounds like a GREAT way to start 2015! Happy Cocksucking 2015!

gh_lovr said...

i agree with BlkJack - great way to start the year

love hearing about your adventures - keep up the hot posts!!

cyberi4a said...

I just read the 2016 get together and a port-a-potty beat out a Yaris on the