Thursday, January 08, 2015

a Town Too Small

Some cities are just not big enough. Especially when one gets around.

A few months ago, I visited a gloryhole, to which I wrote about here. I went back a few more times, each one worth a post of their own, but I've been behind in drafting and publishing those. But for a quick part of one, when I went back there were two guys on the other side of the gloryhole. They took turns blowing me.

Now, while I know I shouldn't know who was on the other side - just as a courtesy - I happened to be finishing a call in my car before going inside and saw what I'm assuming was guy #2 go in first before he took his place behind the door.

I wasn't really snooping but it wasn't hard to figure out which car was his either with the unique color and he had to have a vanity plate, so that was unique too.

Skip forward a few months later (last month, actually) and I'm in the park, cruising, but not cruising -as I've said, it is a very dangerous place due to cops.

Yet lo and behold, who pulls up next to me? The guy with the noticeable colored car along with the plate that stands out as well.

He's interested. I'm interested - though I tell him in no uncertain terms, I'm not looking to get sucked, just to get on my knees, as he's already told me he doesn't fuck guys.

Oh yeah - he's married with kids. He seems a little too gay to be married to a women, but that's his story.....four earrings in each ear and all. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

As he didn't have a place to go, and allegedly had promised his load to another guy he was waiting to meet, we exchanged emails and he said he'd be in touch - which he was. Almost obsessively so. Still I tried to keep him at arm's length, not for lack of interest, but to help manage his expectations.

But he has come over. Maybe 3-4 times now. I don't let him suck me, though I know he sucks. And he's sucked me, but doesn't know it.

Yet it was after his second visit that he said something that made me flash back about 10 years. I'd blow him before.

He's a doctor and I've sucked him in his call room a decade ago. Several times.

He doesn't seem to know this either - and I've opted not to say a thing to him.

Yet the other day, he let me go down on him. Super super super hard cock that is at a 45 degree angle. I like to pull it down while in my mouth and release, watching it spring up in an almost violent way, as he is so erect.

He claims not be to be able to get off from just sucking, but I have done it. But as he likes to direct his load onto my extended tongue - and sometimes face - now and then he'll use his hand to finish the job. But he does claim I'm his best cocksucker.

This last time, he had a two day load. He stood above me, liking to look down on me in every way, while I would feast on his penis.

As I was taking pics, he was hoping to be able to capture the cum going on my tongue. Camera angles were off, but I got some of the cum that missed my mouth and hit my beard.

My tongue is long and talented, but even I could not reach that far down on my chin to lap up the leftovers. Luckily, he scooped it up and fed it to me.

Then he pulled up his pants and was about on his way.

As we reached the front door, a guy who I had made plans with was there, about to knock.

I wasn't not expecting guy #2 yet. When I asked when he would be at my place, his response was '5'.

I took it to mean 5p. I should have clarified. He meant he'd be there in 5 minutes. Who'd have thought that. When do hook-ups happen that quickly? When are they ever truly on time anyways?

I was going to try to pass it off as an appointment I had for something else, but no such luck. These two not only work together, but the doc has been blowing the second guy in his call room.  Sound familiar?

See - small town behavior.

Neither of them seemed phased. Guy #2 - a nice hung, very dark skinned black man - walked in. Doc walked out.

I was asked one question about the doc and gave a high level answer.

Then I went to my knees and sucked off the man in front of me, taking his big fucking load into my mouth.....and swallowing it all.


Bruce Chang said...

A high level answer. Ha!
You know, even in LA, this sometimes happens. I've had two guys ask if I wanted to do a threeway, each not knowing that they were suggesting the same guy. Or bumped into a platonic friend at a bathhouse...
Hot story though!

FelchingPisser said...

One of the many reasons I rarely play in my small town...more fun to read than live it.

LeatherSkinBikerChgo said...

The small town fishbowl effect is amusing. Of course, it can happen in larger cities too. I have always been happy juggling multiple guys in same day, sometimes within minutes of one another. When they pass one another in the hall it makes me grin.