Monday, January 26, 2015

Red and Black

He was in town on a blustery day, here for work from the city of Brotherly Love.

I just figured someone should show him some brotherly "love".

On paper, he seemed all wrong:  6'2", 240.  Yes, the profile said muscles, know how that rarely works out. His profile picture looked ok, couldn't tell if it would really be muscular or just blubber.

Then he sent me another pic.

That seemed more muscular.

His profile said he was looking for a relationship, dates or friends. But let's face it, you're on Scruff as a traveler. You're not looking for dates or friends. At least be honest.

To be fair - really muscular guys are not my thing. Well defined is one thing. Body building and builders freak me out a bit. He identified as black, but I knew as soon as I entered his hotel room he was of mixed race.

As it turns out - half black, half American Indian. It was a nice combo - and possibly my first Native American man, which is saying something, if you ran the numbers.

He answered the door nude. He didn't even try to hide behind it like so many hotel guests do. I liked him already. Before I even started to disrobe (I drove through a heavy snowstorm and had layers on), he was back, flopped in bed, waiting for me to come to him.

His cock. His room. His rules.  I'm good with it all.

What was waiting for me was this.

The pic doesn't do him justice. A good 7.0 - 7.5" dick and nice thickness. Great head. And he just propped himself up on pillows and took the head I started giving him. And I was doing a great job if I say so myself. He would too - if he knew I had this blog or was writing about him. Or you know, if I knew his name or anything.

He moaned and groaned and said 'fuck' a fuck of a lot. As a guy getting great head should.

But me being me - well I licked his nuts....and then lower than that. He seemed in fucking heaven when my tongue touched his pucker. He liked the licking, the lapping, the tonguing and the tongue fucking. He liked the way I used it in circles outside his hole and inside...just inside and then deep inside. I made the most of it.

I even dragged that muscled body to the edge of the bed, so I could get on the floor and get closer to and into his ass. He fucking loved it.

While he was in no rush time-wise, due to the weather, he was adamant about getting me on the bed, on my back and burying his bone.

I would have been happy with spit for lube, but he had bottled stuff at the bedside.

As I said, he was much thicker than that cock picture alluded to. Fuck did I feel it when he pushed in. My legs up, braced on him, but his power, his cock, my hole. It all came together.

I started to tell him to be careful and ease in. But he took it upon himself.......kind of. He'd clearly done this before. So he had the knowledge part of how to proceed, but then the horniness override part working as well.

The latter part one.

Maids in the hallway would have had to hear me moan. I felt every inch of it - length and girth.

And the guy was an expert at fucking. Forceful and yet not. Changed the pace. Changed the depth of penetration on different thrusts. Made me feel it all, but made me feel it good.

The only other position was face down. His hulky, hunky body was on top of me giving it to me good.....and for a good 20 minutes more.

The way he was moaning, you'd have thought he was right on the edge, or actually shooting. But it was like he was always almost on the edge and couldn't go the fucking and verbal assault continued.

It was every bottom's dream. Well, if you really liked to get fucked.

My only regret is he wasn't staying another night, because, had I been asked back, I'd have totally taken that on again.


Athens GA Poz Guy said...

Good fuck!

LeatherSkinBikerChgo said...

Seems like your travel in the heavy snow storm was totally worth it. And good that you didn't know his name. You don't need names--just cock and cum.