Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Bucket List

The sex bucket list.  We all have it. Or them.

One is probably for things you want to do, but haven't done as of yet. I've got mine. Some based in fantasy, some more in reality.

Then there is the one of people you'd like to do. Actual people, not porn stars, or other celebs. But folks you've seen around town that you want to get with.

I have one of both lists, of course.

Oddly, the latter list isn't very extensive. It could be that I've "slept" with so many guys here....or that the pickings aren't really all that. Possibly a combo of.

One gent was just right at the top or top 2 of my list. We had a few discussions a few years back and always he'd back out at the last second. I suspected a drug issue, but I don't know that for sure. Of course, I thought he might be all talk too.

And then he was gone.

I was smart enough - savvy enough - to know his name, because he headed up some community events. So it was easy enough to stalk him on-line, if necessary. And while I didn't do that, it wasn't hard to find he left town.

C'est la vie.

The other guy - who has also somewhat disappeared - is a fucking hot architect. He wouldn't give me the time of day if my life depended on it. I only met him once and I commented on how much I liked his glass frames. Swear to god, he turned around and walked away. Not even a 'thanks'.

But you know - I'd still blow him.

The other day, I 'woof'd' a Scruff profile - blank pic - but who's name had 'GL' and 'Hung' in it. I mean - why NOT click on him?  He either was, or had a confidence to think he was.

He replied soon after and invited me down to his hotel. It is the new 'swanky' hotel in town. I'd been there before, but only to drink, never to a room. I knocked on the door at the appointed time and Tim (I'm not even bothering to change the name this time) opened the door.

He probably caught my double look of surprise:  one being that I didn't know it would be him. secondly that is WAS him. For about two minutes, I was waiting for him to see he made a critical error and send me on my way, but he did not.

Tim is a fucking handsome dude. Beyond gorgeous. Seriously.

6'4", 220, solid - no fat. Strawberry blonde fur on his body, and blonde blonde on top of his head. And a fucking face that would halt traffic - but in a good way. And a deep baritone voice. On top of it all - he's smart too.

And he is a dirty fucking pig.

I recall from our conversations he is just off the charts dirty......in every way. There are almost no limits, no morals, driving this man's compass. It bones me up to no end. The word "taboo" come to mind.

He remembered "knowing" me and when I gave him specifics, a sneer came over his face and he felt it was comfortable enough that he could slip into his deep dark self. And I went right there with him.

Things were said that should rarely, if ever, be said in public.

He is an expert cocksucker, though not good enough to get me to cum. Not that he couldn't, but my will not to cum was much stronger. Luckily, he had a desire to fill my throat.

But before that, I wanted to eat his ass. "It's not clean", he replied. I dove in anyway.

I'll give him this, it was not clean. It wasn't horrible, but if the story of fecal matter in beards is true, they might want to consider guys like me, who put their face right into some guy's fucking fine ass.

After that, it was down on his dick, while he talked utter filth to me.

He was between a work session and dinner, so time was critical. He was all too happy to flood my mouth with his spunk. I was all too happy to swallow it.

He escorted me to the door, hoping we'd see each other before he left town.

I could have been upset that he blocked me after I left, but I wasn't. The reality was, he was leaving the state. I never thought I'd have the chance with him in the first place. The idea of me getting seconds was slim to none.

If I jacked off - Tim is someone I'd think about while stroking my prong.


cyberi4a said...

Happy to read that last line, so many times a fantasy or fantasy guy can turn into a bad experience and then you don't even have the fantasy anymore.

Bruce Chang said...

Yeah, kinda glad it actually heightened the fantasy rather than detracted from it. Now if I can figure out how dirty minded he is...