Friday, May 08, 2015

Hotel Bathroom Stall Suck

CLAW was officially over.

There were a few things going around, but for me, my staff was gone, my area was broken down, I even changed into somewhat presentable street clothes. I don't mind walking out to my car in leather - and a kilt, but I wasn't going directly home and where I was headed, that wasn't the proper attire.

As I sat in my area to catch my breath and look around one more time, I got hit up on Scruff. He was 300 feet away. But that could be all the way across the hotel and up a few flights. There was no use scanning right to left to see who might be who.

I had seen him a number of times over the weekend. If he thought a thing about me, he never seemed to let on. He never acknowledged my presence or anything.I assumed I wasn't his type. But I guess one can't assume that. It might be conditions on whom he was with. Or you know, this could be the pick-up after last call and you just. want. to. get. laid.

50 (though didn't even look 40), 5'10", 200 (didn't look that either), multi-racial (didn't look that either), hairy (he DID look that). Bald (or shaved) and  nice full beard. Handsome as fuck.

I cut to the chase, even though he messaged me. I had limited time since I had somewhere to be. But he couldn't host in his room as his roommates were there. I said they might enjoy watching - he claimed they wouldn't.  I told him I was sitting in a secondary lobby across from a bathroom. He said he'd be down in 5 minutes. He was.

The man was so fucking sweet too. Damn.

He leaned in and kissed me. Actually, we ended up making out for about 5 minutes. I love you can do that there - in a Holiday Inn lobby - and no one cares. Not that there were many around in this area. But still......

I said, I was going into the restroom. He finished up by saying he'd be in in a few minutes.

I had been sitting out in the lobby for 15 before he arrived and no one had gone in or out, so I was surprised to find the last stall occupied. I didn't really care, but....   So I had to take the middle. To take the nearest one would definitely show two sets of feet to anyone entering. I had barely unbuttoned my pants when he entered the bathroom, followed by him pushing open my door, stepping into the stall and locking us in.

Our lips met again. Damn, he is a fine kisser. And while that was fun and all, that is not what one goes into a bathroom stall for.

His pants opened, and so did mine.

This man had it all. A hot face. A nice guy. A good kisser. And easily 8.5 thick inches with a steep upward curve and one of the biggest heads on a cock I have seen. All wrapped up into one package. Fuck.

Unfortunately, fucking is not something we did. Thought it would have been an honor to take him up the ass and claim that I had been able to.

I slid down, sitting on the toilet and taking him into my mouth. He sighed heavily.

Where you think the upward curve would be problematic, however I was sitting on the john made it so much easier to take. I suppose if I were lower and on my knees the angle would be all off, but in this scenario, it all worked to our advantage.

While I won't say I got it all the way down - because, damn he was thick - but I did a more than admirable job. I only left less than an inch, but I wanted it all.

At this point, the guy in the next stall stirred. Allegedly, my suitor didn't seem to notice there was anyone in there. He looked panicked but I gave him a reassuring "it's ok" look and he was fine.

He stood me up and went down on me, but only by bending over. Just like his kissing, he showed his mouth is good at lots of things. I was rock hard anyways, but he did nothing to bring down the swelling. If anything, he made my shaft that much more steel-like in nature.

I did have another obligation, so my time was limited. Back to sitting, back to blowing him.

I wasn't even trying to be quiet about my slurping. If the guy next to us wanted to peek, what the fuck did I care? He was probably stroking anyways.

Then I felt my feeders hands on my head. He gripped strong and guided me faster in up and down motions. His cock was getting harder. We were nearing the end. And fuck if with all his other attributes, he didn't blow a fucking HUGE load into my mouth - and it wasn't even bitter.

Could this guy get any better?

I swallowed (of course) every drop and then cleaned off his cock from excess spit and sperm. Oh, who am I kidding, there was no excess sperm.

He wanted to see me cum. He wasn't willing, it seemed, to go back down on me, but you know how it is with some guys after they unload. They're unwilling to do a lot after that high vanishes.

Normally, I don't jack off, but I was so fucking horny and he had provided me so much in such a short amount of time - and I wanted to please and impress him. It didn't take me long.

As not to make a mess of the floor in the bathroom, I scooted back so I could shoot right into the toilet. I have to sit far back for that, since my dick would extend over the necessary area. Yes, I'm bragging a little.

And then I started to shoot.

I mentioned three posts ago that since I had not cum in so long, it is usually the second load that is greater - and I proved myself correct. I could NOT stop shooting.

Mr. Stud was duly impressed. And when he thought I was done I came more, even overshooting my target, hitting the floor near his shoes. "Oh my god, you're STILL shooting!"

Damn right.

We cleaned up a bit and walked out together. I got one last kiss and then he was gone.

(side note:  afterwards, via text, he tells me that was his first public bathroom encounter.  I know I get around, but how can that be possible?)


cyberi4a said...

Now I'm sitting here wondering what the guy in the next stall was thinking about all this. If you never saw him go in, then he must have been in there waiting for some action to happen.

Like the last call comment, amazing how much better everyone seems when the bar is about to close.....LOL

Bruce Chang said...

Hmm. Um, maybe he came out late? The whole public bathroom tearoom thing seems to be going out of fashion these days.

BikeGuy said...

cyber -

He was good the entire weekend. His stock didn't just go up bc the 'bar closed'. Though maybe you were referring that I was the one who seemed better when pickings were slim. ouch.