Thursday, May 28, 2015


He was probably 55.  Decent looking, all proper in terms of automobile, dress, grooming. He had responded to a craigslist ad for me wanting to suck cock. Or to have my mouth abused, to be more specific.

This dick is ok. Maybe 6". Maybe. But below the head it is VERY thick, until it tapers back to a more normal girth. I can work with this.

He grunts appreciatively as I work on it with my mouth. Like most who answer the ad, he doesn't abuse my mouth - I take the role of active cocksucker, as opposed to someone just using my mouth as a hole and receptacle. He doesn't even talk dirty like a feeding top. It's all too typical.

I remember a time when a top - or what I call a true top (though that's my definition)  - only cared about his feelings, his pleasures. A selfish top, might be a better description. Even the ones who start out that way eventually start asking me, "do you like this?"  

What the fuck do you care?

Or worse:  when they ask me where I want them to cum.

For the 13,872 time - that is not my call. But 9 times out of 10 the "top" follows-up with, "I'm asking YOU". They just don't get it.

They either can't make the decision or don't want the liability. At least the latter I understand.

So, he replied to the ad but was as tight lipped as a clam for the most part. I'd get a moan when working my mouth. I finally asked him what else turned him on. He just silently shook his head, as if to say, " won't get it."  Still I urged. And urged again.

He finally said, without looking at me, "heavy dirty play".

There was a pause....and I asked "scat?"

He nodded, as if he couldn't admit it, let alone say it.

I almost get his reluctance, but if it is his thing he should embrace it, I guess. It is not my thing in the slightest. It is one thing do eat an ass that might be a little funky, but that might be the limit. Muddy fucks sometimes happen - they just do. Lack of prep or a spontaneous to fuck when there is no time or place.

But I kind of draw the line on doing it on purpose. And eating, or defecating on one's chest (or worse - mine!), is just off limits to me. Yes......even I have limits.

Still, I was horny to get fucked. Right then. And no, I didn't plan on it, so I didn't have a chance to clean out. But this kind of would work out, as we'd both get something we wanted. He was into it........and I wanted to be boned.

Well, he seemed to be into the idea.

I greased him up and bent over for the penetration. While he wasn't super hard, he should have been hard enough to get in me. But he wasn't. Or couldn't.

He eventually just asked me to blow him, which I did and got a tasty load from him as well.

As he was getting himself back together, he somewhat apologized for the lack of fucking. He thought it was "disgusting" to fuck bareback.

He's in to heavy scat play and yet, I'm disgusting.

Yeah - that seems about right.


Athens GA Poz Guy said...

Unreal. I am totally with you on the brown play. Definitely don't get how a guy who is into scat play can say you are disgusting for bareback sex. His loss!

cyberi4a said...

It gets me when a 'Top' keeps saying things like, "How's this" "What do you want me to do next" "Is this alright" etc. That's not being a top, it's being a puppet. If I wanted a puppet, I'd go to the store and buy one.

Anonymous said...

Shut the fuck up. Eyes on mine and mouth on my cock. I'll rape your throat until you beg me to stop. And every time you do beg me i'll back hand you into the next room. And when, and only when I'm ready, to fuck you I'll put one arm under your waist, pick you up, toss you against the wall....and stuff it in you. No lube, no spit. The noise I will make will only happen after I'm balls deep inside you.

Bruce Chang said...

So when it comes to oral, I like to sit back and enjoy and guide a guy when necessary and if he's good, it's not necessary. The involuntary reactions of a throat or jaws of teeth while I'm full on face fucking isn't worth the risk. All too often I've felt like I mashed my dick against a brick wall and I'm gonna break it in half when a throat shuts off and tries to gulp down air. Or I get visions of Hellraiser cenobites tugging and stripping off layers of skin when a guy gets lazy and his teeth get in the way. So a firm hand on the back of the head to gently guide is my compromise. And I'm gonna have to defend some guys that ask if "you like it?" 'cause sometimes I do that and it's not totally rhetorical but I'm demanding an answer to pump up my own ego. And when it's phrased like, "You like this cock down your dirty fuckin' cocksucking mouth of yours, boy? Huh? Answer me you cock-whore!" well, then that's definitely me just trying to make you admit you like bitching out on my cock. But guys that look up with begging eyes and just faintly utter that one word or gargle that one grunt of assent to that question in a way as if to say, "Please?" That gets me all worked up.

Oh, and I was a feeder for a scat guy that had one stipulation which was that he wasn't into piss. I didn't quite get that one either.