Friday, May 15, 2015

2 of His. 1 of Mine.

While I have been back to the big, thick, black cock I have wrote about twice - they were just blowjobs.

And while I clearly love giving head - and especially to him - giving head can make for fairly mundane stories, even when it's great.

But this morning (yes, THIS morning), I got a message from him (I still don't have a name - so I haven't made up a fake one):

"U up for sum dick n yr hole?".

I think my reply was: 'how soon?'.  And I couldn't type it fast enough.

His was: 'now'.  25 minutes later I was knocking on his door, so he could knock on mine - the back one.

The man is seriously hot - and not just because he has a great cock. His body is nice, is face is great. And he seems nice.

I walked in, and like the last times, porn was playing. He was on his couch, stroking his dick. If it were just a blowjob I'd stay dressed. But this was to be an ass fucking, so the pants and boxer briefs hit the floor. He said, "yeah, you won't be needing those".   No, I would not.

I got down on my knees, between his legs and went to work on his cock. As big as it looked, I'm happy to say I made it bigger, thicker and meaner looking. There was a point where I kind of wondered "can I take that up my ass?".

Sure, I did before, but it was later in the evening and I had down a few glasses of wine. This was before 9:30a.  Reality was setting in - though every fiber of my being wanted that dick.

He stood me up and took me over to the arm of his sofa and bent me over.

OMG OMG OMG OMG - he seemed thicker than he had before.

I know this really not to be true, and maybe it was the new angle, but fuck he was big. Mind you, he let me do the line-up and pushing back onto his pole, but let's face it, after they're even part way in, rare is it a guy whose dick does not take over.

Now, I never said 'stop' because that's not who I am. I might have said 'hold it for a second' and he probably did, but a second isn't really a great deal of time. But once he reached around and played with my nipples, I opened up a little more and he kept sinking in.

I can honestly say I felt everything. Like last time, every nerve was on fire. I could have taken his pulse with my ass. I could feel every beat of it as it was in my ass. I know guys (including myself) say they can feel the throb of the dick as he shoots - but this was different. This was every heartbeat he had and it went through his cock into my ass.

When he'd purposefully flex his shaft as it was buried into the hilt, there was truly a pleasure-pain thing going on. It was erotically enticing.

I know it wasn't that long, but it seemed like forever before I was opened enough for him to start doing his "work".  And he did it so expertly. Still bent over the sofa, I also used my talents contracting my muscles to make him feel that ass from his end. He fucking responded positively.

I would say after 10 minutes, he just fucked harder and harder. I reached behind me and grabbed on of his nipples. I had to use my other hand to steady myself at the sofa. But that nip to finger action helped push him over the edge.

He unloaded up my ass. And he actually fucked harder. He wasn't one to just bury the dick and let the cum do its work. No, he fucked his own load into me - trying to get it deeper than it already was - which was about up to my lungs at this point.

With both of us still catching our breath, he asks, "do you want another load?".  I kind of mocked with "when?".  

And he started fucking me. He'd go deep, but he really started just teasing the head with my outer muscle. I would say in another seven minutes he was delivering another load up my butt.

While I can't tell if it was bigger, his reaction was. His vocals, his trembling - all bigger than the first time.

After he slipped out, he asked if I'd cum for him. He's asked before and while I haven't declined, I hadn't produced either. This guy was too hot to keep denying his request. His cock was still hard as we stood in front of each other as I took matters into my own hand.

Within a matter of minutes I was shooting a 19 day load onto his black cock....well....and some onto the floor. That last part couldn't be helped no matter how much I aimed. It was 19 days worth. It had to go somewhere.

And somewhere it did.

With his cock covered in my jizz, he turned me around (again) and slipped his cum covered cock up my ass. I was actually taking my own load up my own ass.

He pumped a few times, enough to clear my seed off his shaft.

I would say, he's pretty much an unflappable man, but even he was fucking turned on by the entire scene. He was in hog heaven, as was I.

Not bad for a Friday morning.....and it wasn't even 10:00a yet.


BlkJack said...

Hot! Hot! Hot! Thanks!

sc57 said...

Wow! Great, thanks. Oh, to enjoy the same...

Tannedmusc said...

HOT fuckin story !!!
You're a sexy, sexy man !!!!