Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Construction Guy Head

I don't make a habit of cruising a park somewhat near me. I certainly won't do anything IN the park either. It crawls with rangers and cops at all times. I won't even show what I got, nor will anyone else.

I will say what I'm looking for, if asked - as that is not a crime. And I keep it vague, though explicit. I can say "I'm good with my mouth" without saying "I want to give you a fucking blowjob".  They can't bust me for saying what I do.

I passed his truck on the first go-round. He looked interesting, but way to straight and it was lunchtime. Many a trades guy will eat in his truck before hoofing it back to the job. I went to another area, where I spent some time looking on-line for guys close by.  Yeah - I know how that sounds.

No luck with in person or on-line, I was heading back through and the truck was still there. I parked 2-3 car widths away. He'd look. I'd look. He'd nod. So would I. But I wasn't 100% sold.

I had a water bottle in the car, and I did something he totally approved of. I ran my tongue from the base of the bottle to the spout. I then took my tongue around the opening, licking it ever so suggestively.

While it was a wider bottle, I then deep throated it as much as I could. Even putting my own hand behind my neck, pushing me down on the bottle for effect. To top it off, I held the bottle a few inches from my mouth, pouring water onto my outstretched tongue.

All of this got an enthusiastic nod from the truck-guy.

He pulled closer. Said he had nowhere we could go. I did, but it was 20 minutes away. He was unfazed. Usually, guys will just say 'no'. He was down to go. We made it in 19.........but who was timing it?

He dropped his sweatshirt and left on his wifebeater.  Fuck I love a guy wearing a wifebeater. Maybe it's the name. Maybe it's the look. Or the combo of.

He grabbed me and pulled me to him. No kiss, but just to be close. I grabbed him too. I knew the wife beater would stay on. He said nothing, but I knew below he had either a pain or insulin pump underneath. I wanted to respect that, even though things like that do not freak me out at all.

His hands went to my shoulders, pressing me down to the floor. My little water bottle display showed him what I was for - what I was offering. I went down willingly. Now kneeling in front of a denim covered mound.

I looked right in his eyes as I pulled down his zipper. I held my gaze as I reached in - no underwear.

He was packing nicely too. Almost 8" solid meat. Nice thickness.....and sporting a wedding band, not that that means much now a days.

His hands went to my head and guided me to his cock. Of course I knew where it was, but I like a guy taking charge that way. It was insistent, but not forceful. His head and shaft filled my mouth. I like that full feeling. The head then started to fill my throat. I like that too. And then the grip got tighter and I was going nowhere. Nowhere he didn't want me to go.

I had set myself up for this, of course. No one to blame for being fed cock to the fullest. I wasn't struggling............yet. But the more it went on, the more I guessed that is exactly what he wanted.

Guys, I find, like to know you're choking on their cock - or load. I think it makes them feel more masculine. Or they like putting a cocksucking faggot in his place this way. Either way, I'm good. I get off on both scenarios.

I slobbered on that cock. It was dripping. I wanted him to play with my tits, but he was remarkably bad at it. I wanted him to fuck me with that weapon, but he seemed totally uninterested in anything but using a cocksucker's mouth.

While down there, he told me he had not cum in four days. That his wife sucked him off in his truck. He got into more detail about how she went down on him after going to a restaurant and stuck at a train crossing.

He went into such things as how bad her knees are so he has to get sucked in the truck, but it also sounded like he instigated and pressured her a bit to do so. Maybe it is his demeanor. I know sexual coercion from women sounds bad, but it kind of made me hot, even though part of me didn't think any of it was based in fact.

I went back to sucking him with vigor. I know I had gotten him close 2-3 times, but backed off. Had he seemed in a rush, I'd have polished him off earlier, but he didn't, so I took my time with that meat.

Lots of guys say they blow big loads. I suppose it is their perspective, but they all do not. Construction Guy got closer, saying he was going to drown me. I was hopeful, of course, but not truly expecting anything.

The man was true to his word. Well.......clearly I didn't drown. I'm still here....writing this. But a lesser faggot would have choked on the load. A good portion went directly down my throat. I pushed him back a bit, not because I couldn't take it that way, but because I wanted to taste it too.

I probably should have let him shoot down my throat. While the volume was plentiful, it was bitter as fuck. Now, bad tasting seed has never stopped me, nor never will, from swallowing or trying again - and he was no different.

I gulped his load down like a pro. He was weak in the knees, which is a nice compliment to what I helped him achieve.

On the way out, he gave me his business card. I suppose we will arrange another meeting. But I really do want to be fucked by that cock.


cyberi4a said...

Now in a perfect world, the roach coach would go to his job site in the morning to feed the crew and you would go in the afternoon to be fed by the crew. :-)

LP - Hired Stud said...

it is always good to stay hydrated.... good thing you had that water bottle! Hot story Stud!

naturalman75 said...

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