Monday, November 09, 2015

Handsome Cocksucker

He was. I look at his picture on Scruff after he 'woof'd' at me.

I'm sitting in a Starbucks 0.87 miles away from him. Having a hot beverage on a chilly Saturday morning. I like this Starbucks - as much as anyone can like a place that serves coffee. The manager is hot with his down the middle of his back ponytail. Normally not my style, but Dave makes it work.

But as close as a boystown as this city gets, it is close to the heart of it. So the clientele coming in and out are nice to look at. The gym boys stopping by from the workout they had next door are promising. And the guys on-line are always less than two miles away.

Sure, most of them are flakes. 97.4% of them probably. And I'm too old for most of them, no matter which picture I select for my profile. It's not a 'boys' town without a reason.

Mr. 0.87 miles away from me isn't a boy. He's all man.

45. 6'0" 190. Furry, handsome as fuck face. Truly something to behold. Not the kind of thing you usually see on Scruff - unless they are 7,826 miles away, of course. And he not only wanted to play, but he wanted to play with me.

Who the fuck am I to say 'no'?

For the record I SO want to post his pic for you to see, but that would violate what few ethics and morals I actually still retain.

Anyways, he said he was into making out, cuddling and blowjobs. He also wanted to play in the shower. That last part sounded good because it was so cold.

I should have qualified what he was looking for specifically. Part of me didn't want to know the answer. Part of me thought, if I didn't ask, I could convince him of anything I really wanted to do. This was my logic on a chilly Saturday morning.

He shot me his address and I was over - and he was waiting at the door, opening it as I walked up the steps.

He looked mostly like his picture. Still humpy, but leaner. It worked.

We kissed in the entryway and then went upstairs, disrobing as we went. He turned on the water for the shower and let it heat up. We made out some more.

Shower sex is always good in theory, but in reality it is usually somewhat of a bummer. Either one person is out of the stream of water, and getting chilly, or you're under the direct flow and using your mouth effectively can be challenging.

As it turns out, neither of these things would be an issue for me. It turns out, I wouldn't be the one providing the oral service. And there was no swaying him to even share services.

The extremely handsome man got down on his knees. Water cascaded over me, but then trickled down onto and around him.

Not only was he woofy, but he was a good cocksucker. And make no mistake about it - he WAS a cocksucker.

The thing is, not everyone likes to be called that, or be reminded of that. At least verbally.

But I went into top feeder / verbal mode. I told him to be a good faggot and suck that big cock. I called him names. I told him what to do.

And I'm not sure he appreciated any of it, though he didn't stop what he was doing.

I pulled out of his mouth, leaned down to kiss him again, both of our mouths filling with water. It was then I told him I shoot a lot. He was game.

They're always game - until it fucking happens.

As I got closer, I kept asking if he wanted it and if he'd swallow it.  He nodded enthusiastically. Again, I told him how much I shoot.

And then I did.

I could see the fucking terror in his eyes as the sperm kept coming.

For me it had been at least 12 days. And I can cum good amounts on a two day time frame.

He couldn't take it. He gagged. He coughed. He pulled off. And still I kept shooting. And he shut down.

He had zero interest in playing or interaction at all after that. We dried off and dressed in silence and he hustled me out the door quicker than shit.

He might be handsome as fuck, but he's not getting a second shot at "this".


John said...

I read accounts of "terrified" guys recoiling from a geyser of hot cum and it's like, "I recognize these as words, but they don't make any sense."

cyberi4a said...

It's almost like he didn't know a man could cum so much.

Bruce Chang said...

Yeah, I'm with you John. Does not compute!

BlkJack said...

I would love to have the experience of not only sucking your cock but also the challenge of swallowing your load.

Explorer Jack said...

For me personally, less is more. A taste is great, but I'm not down for a 'big gulp.'
As for your cock sucker, he shouldn't have made a promise he couldn't keep. :)

LP - Hired Stud said...

Love a man who shoots big loads! Shower sex, not always a fan, but have found in my line of work sometimes it helps the client to relax.

Saabie said...

That's confusing. If you can't swallow it all the first time, lap it up! Grrrruffff.