Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Bent Over

I've been sucking him fairly regularly for a couple of months. I mentioned him back in July, though we've probably been hooking up since end of May.

He contacts me, comes by and I suck one or two loads out of him. Even when he says he has 'two' lately after one, he's pulling up his pants. I never question him. He never explains. It happens. And the way I see it, at least I got one load from a big black cock.

He always tells me my mouth feels like a pussy. I've said it before - and no doubt will again - I don't know exactly what that feels like. I've never had the "pleasure".  But I can surmise what it's supposed to feel like - I've seen enough straight porn.

So in this 'talk' while getting sucked, he has moved from fucking his girlfriend, to having a friend in Memphis - who isn't a boyfriend - to his boyfriend in Memphis.  Maybe this is typical DL behavior, I don't know. None of it horribly surprised me though. I don't think he was pulling off the band-aid slowly for me, as much as he was himself. Whatever gets you through the day.

Fucking has never been on the menu. Or it has at least never been discussed. He answered an ad for getting sucked and that's what we have stuck to. He is most likely younger than I am, but asks if I like 'sucking daddy's cock'.

I have to say, it's a nice cock. Thick. Long. Dark.  Though on any given day, his cum can be great or bitter. Not that I'd ever tell him - I just suck it down.

During one of these last times, I was sucking and he brought up his 'boyfriend'. He told me how he tells the boyfriend of all these times I suck his cock and what a great job I do. And that when the boyfriend comes to town, they are both going to use me.

Now, the 'boyfriend' might be just as allusive as his 'girlfriend', but it's not like I'm actually going to be meeting either one. Even if he exists and comes to town, I'm guessing the chances of me getting 2-on-1 are about as good as seeing Jeb Bush in the White House.........and not as a visitor.

But as he talked, he mentioned me getting it from both ends by him and his bf. How I would blow him while his bf fucked my ass.

"Innocently" I asked, 'aren't you going to take a turn on my ass too?'

'You want this up your ass?'. I nodded vigorously while his cock was still in my mouth. He pulled away to show it to me. I bent over my home office desk.

With just my spit - though there was a lot of it - on his cock, he pushed into me. It was rough, the way he gave it and the way I took it. He kept forcing that big black cock up my ass until he was all the way in.

I asked him if he'd tell his boyfriend about this? He told me to shut up and started fucking.

For as good as he is at fucking, I'm not sure why we had not been doing this before.  Or all the time. Or since.

It was a quick fuck - maybe 5-8 minutes. He buried his bone and unloaded up my ass. No words. Just continual grunts that matched each throb I felt up my hole.

He slipped out. Took a step back, legs spread.  "Suck me clean, bitch".

And I went right down on my knees and did just that.  I liked how he didn't hesitate to tell me. He didn't even ask - which was fucking hot.

I was hoping to suck him to another load, but it didn't happen.

Nor has it happened since. I've sucked him a few times since, but as much as I try to approach the subject, he tries to avoid it.

I know I'll get it again, just as I'm sure as that I'll never meet his boyfriend.


cyberi4a said...

I used to know someone like him, straight (wink wink) but who liked getting blow jobs from his gay friend. But it had to be when he was ready and nothing could be done to talk him into it when he wasn't.

Bruce Chang said...

I'm also amused by the evolving stories. I know a couple of guys that went from married to a woman to partnered with a guy.

Tannedmusc said...

Always love your blog...WAY better than some on here. Just from what I read, this dude may have some "issues", I'd rethink bringing up the "boyfriend" spit roast scenario...there may be a
whole lot of fantasy in his life that he may not want to be confronted with...Just a thought.
Take care sexy, Michael