Friday, January 04, 2008

First Load of '08

Well it was only the third day of the month before I got my first load of the year.

Not too shabby.

The guy who fed me was actually a repeat. I have another guy who wants to fuck me who is a repeat. Has it gotten to the point that I’ve had sex with everyone in this town that I have to resort to circling the block again?

I kid. Of course I say ‘yes’ to the good ones. I’m smart enough to say to ‘no’ to the bad ones. Unless I have a lapse in judgment – but that’s not too too often. And much less so if I haven’t been drinking.

But you might remember the guy in the Spidey boxers. Still sexy as hell and though I haven’t hooked up with him inbetween our first encounter, he has IM’d me via my cell now and again. We’ve had some failed attempts. Not so much this time.

We met up at the bookstore because more than wanting me to suck him off (which of course he still wanted), he wanted to see me swallow some other dudes. As that is how he found me the first time, I know he really got off on that. And let’s face it, I get off on being watched.

Can I even tell you how dead the fucking place was. It was him and me. Period.20 booths on one side and about the same on the second side. We cruised both sides and there was no one. Nada. Zilch.

I take it back – there was the cleaning guy. The one who is relegated to mop up the spooge from the floor after a guy chokes his chicken while watching marginal porn. Those guys always have an attitude – and understandably. They shouldn’t with me, because I never create a mess for them. I help guys take that out of the equation. There is no missed load. Nothing to hit the floor. Certainly not off-white gold.

But as it turns out, it was only him and me - in a dirty booth with no door. Him fucking my face. He kept glancing at his watch like he had somewhere else to be at a certain time or timing his orgasm. Possibly both for all I know.

Like last time he vice gripped my head, forcing it at a 45 degree angle and pounded his crotch into my lips. Like a champ, he dumped is load into my mouth. I pulled off after he had milked out every drop and then showed him his efforts before I swallowed it all.

The other guy I who has been in contact with me is The Lawyer. You might remember him from stories going back 2 years ago. Great dick. Nasty attitude. But annoying as hell. He does not know when to stop – and maybe he goes off his medications or something. It is not uncommon when to get dozens of text messages or emails from him a day.

I want to give him my ass, but sometimes the price is too high.

But I’m off on travels all next week. …and you know how that goes. I normally score and do pretty well.

I’m hoping to have more stories and pictures to share. Hoping to get video too – but like last time, you’ll most likely never see that. Sorry. : )

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