Saturday, October 25, 2008


Today I got my 300,000th hit on the blog.

Well, 300k, since I started tracking, that is. The blog isn't quite 3.5 years old, and I've been tracking hits for less than three years - but just slightly less.

So, 100k per year, on average.

Now, I know that isn't exactly true. It's taken a while to establish the following I have, so the majority of these hits have come in the last year. I'm averaging about 17,000 per month now, at least for 2008. It continues to creep up there, but currently I'm hovering at the 20,000 mark.

I can only provide the content of the blog. Well, the written part. I have had plenty of willing partners who have helped me to give you guys something to read. No one wants to hear a blog about a guy just jacking off. At least I don't think so.

I do have to relay a story to you which you may find amusing. ...and it might sound naive. A reader emailed me the other week and told me he loved jacking off and shooting a load over the stories I have posted here. The amusing part is: it never occurred to me that you guys might actually get off over my experiences.

I know - it sounds dumb when I say it out loud. I think I'm too close to the events and I certainly don't stroke off over something I've written. So it never occurred to me that anyone else did. I love the fact that some of you do! Maybe many - I have no idea.

But really, if it weren't for you guys reading - and if I were getting 10 hits per day, I might just close up shop. But I enjoy writing and it is nice to know I have an audience of sorts. Thanks for being there. I'll try to keep up the (good) work.

Rest assured, my internet savvy isn't all it could be, so I have no idea who exactly has made the 300kth hit. This I do know. They are from Los Angeles....and they hit at 15:04:37 today. That's eastern time. ...but that's all I know of the reader.

I'm looking forward to hitting 400,000!!!!


rawTOP - Gay Bareback Top in NYC said...

I'm really suprised you're not higher... Like really, really surprised...

You should install Google Analytics it's free, easy to install and tells you a lot more about your visitors than just a counter. If you need help with it, just e-mail me. Once you have it set up I'll swap Google Analytics reports with you if you want...

c said...

oh i think LOTS of us are jerking to your exploits...and wishing we were you

Anonymous said...

Congrats man! Keep it up?

Anonymous said...

I'm always having to rub one out while reading you. Hate it too. Trying to save up something for a guy in a few days and you always get it. 2, 3 times a day. Cocksucker!