Sunday, October 12, 2008

Me Topping - Again

Man, it's been a weird year. My sex drive is as strong as ever (if not stronger), and my sexual adventures are more diverse than ever.

I won't say I'm coming to terms with my topping abilities. I'm beginning to think I'm only doing it for the blog entries and the pictures. Honest. Other than that, it is still a bit out of sorts of who I am. I think I am still a bottom through and through. But man, it is tough to fight for the bottom. A top with a big dick certainly gets more action......maybe not more, but easier to find.

The guy I fucked a few weeks ago had me back. He was waiting for me again, door unlocked, porn on, on the bed, lubed up. The fuckin' slut.

He too was all about the pictures. I have tons, with his full face showing - he didn't care. I know where he's coming from on that end. But like last time, he mentioned his ex, but this time it went on and on and on.

I only took Psych 101 in college, but it doesn't take a Ph.D. to figure out he is still hung up over some guy who booted his ass out months or years go. He's supplementing sex to fill the gap of his past lover. It doesn't work.

Sex is sex. It has zero to do with love. ZERO.

It was an ok fuck. Again, I was doing it for the blog entry - one that wasn't even good enough to describe in this blog entry and I doubt I'll revisit this visit to describe the positions or timing of the fuck (though it did last like 40 minutes!).

But since it was about the pictures (g-d, I love whomever invented digital camera technology!), I will leave you with three of the 30+ shots I took.


Me, in him, in the mirror


Me, just IN him. Well, barely in him.


Us again. I blurred the picture on purpose with a crappy photo-shoppe like editor.

I am woefully behind in my tales. I've a good 4-5 more adventures to tell that I have not committed to the blog, and barely to my head to write them. Some are so-so, some are good, one is GREAT. Now mind you - the perception is all in the eye/mind of the beholder. My great might not be yours.

But then again, it's my blog.

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