Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Double Duty Suck Off

Ahhh - the sometimes benefits of Craigslist.

As you know, at least from here, it can be very hit or miss. And don't forget to factor in the barrage of flakes, phonies and the queens whom you have rejected coming back to sully your slutty reputation with lies and hurt feelings.

I have mentioned in the past, I have a buddy I hook-up with semi-regularly. I don't know his name, he doesn't know mine. I do, however, notify him anytime I'm coming to town - but more than likely, he will see my posting(s) on CL and contact me first.

We have a great "friendship" in the fact that he has a great sense of humour and just loves to watch me suck other guys off.

I had sucked him off solo, once. But his big thrill is to watch me service another guy while he plays with his chest. Supposedly this guy is married and straight and you can see mostly where this might be the truth. I'm a cynic by nature and always have my doubts.

That being said, he has never ever sucked me or even touched my cock. If he has a flaw, is that he always always always comes too quickly. If he is married, it must suck for his wife, or maybe she is ok that it will all be over in a matter of minutes. I dunno.

The funny thing about us as a team are: I'm not nearly as picky as he is. He chides me for not getting pictures or inviting what he considers undeserving men over for me to take care of. He does it in good humour, but he is totally serious. His standards are much much higher than mine. Most people's probably are.

I live for the cock. I live for the load.

He's a contradiction though - last time he said, well it's better to have someone here than no one. I reminded him off the ribbing I take from him about the less than stellar specimens he has seen. He got my point.

This last time (last week), I think we both hit paydirt. He showed up about 10 minutes before the 3rd guy did. We thought he might not be coming and I'm never sure if I'd get my 'friend's' dick solo. Before we had a chance to make that determination, guy #3 knocked.

Guy #3 said he was 45, 5'10", 170, salt and pepper hair. No cock size listed, but here is the pic he sent:


Regular Guy (I should find a fake name for him - no?) quickly moved to the hotel chair so it didn't look like we were waiting anxiously. Everyone greeted each other cordially.

Immediately #3 kicked off his shoes and pants. He was another one who stripped down entirely to get a blowjob. I find that quite fascinating as I can't imagine why you'd do more than flop it out of your fly if all you're doing is getting head. Oh well - at least he was a guy I wanted to see naked. Win-Win, I guess.

I got on my knees and started my talents. Regular Guy started talking to #3. "Good mouth, huh?". "You like that?" The responses were mostly grunts or "uh-huhs", and that was ok.

Soon #3 wanted to lay back on the bed. I continued to kneel on the floor and just lean over to reach his cock, taking him all the way down. Regular Guy (RG) just walked up to his head and #3 plopped the cock into his mouth. Clearly, the mouth felt good to RG, but he looked right at me and said, "don't worry, the load is for you".

I went back to work. I didn't think #3 was close, but RG must have. And it was all sooner than I wanted it to happen. RG started to tell him, "that's it, man, give him your seed - shoot it in his fuckin' mouth". And #3 did.

There was a lot of it too. Never too much, of course, but deep down I knew what the issue would be. RG couldn't hold off - he never can. I didn't get all of #3's jizz when RG said he HAD to shoot.


The risk of missing either's load is always a bad thing in my Cocksucker's Handbook. It's an awful place to be in. But I did what I thought was necessary. I eventually pulled off #3, possibly before he was done unloading and swooped down on RG's big-headed prick just as he started lobbing cum into my mouth and mixing with the other load I had in there. I mean, RG was my regular and very supportive of what I do and how I do it - even if he disagrees with whom I do it.

RG had a nice thick load too. Thicker, but less volume than #3. I'm guessing, since I obviously wasn't measuring or anything. RG told me to clean up #3 - not that I really needed prompting.

#3 was a bit sensitive and pushed me off his dick, but I had only missed one shot of his load, which ended up right above his pubes to his left. I licked that up too, mostly for RG to watch. He loved it. #3 seemed to be sensitive there too and pushed me away.

Of course, I don't discount the post-cum guilt factor. If he were married or partnered or just post-horny. I notice many guys are done after they ejaculate and come back to their senses. Whatever. Clearly, I don't have those morals.

Both RG and #3 went into the bathroom to wash up. I love that. Soap and water on their cocks to wash off any trace or smell of semen and saliva. Maybe they have people they live with who check these things, smell these things.

Both came out and got dressed as I just laid back on the bed, slowly stroking myself - knowing I wasn't going to get off (and not that I wanted to).

It did not go unnoticed to me, that guy #3 thanked RG for the time we had just had. RG laughed and laughed when I pointed it out to him.

He totally gets it.

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