Saturday, October 04, 2008

Mid-Morning Fuck

Still catching up on stories. I’m finding I need to give myself a little bit of time to gain some perspective on these events. Maybe immediate postings would intensify the writing, and time may cloud what went on, but I think it does not – and gives me some insight into the set-up and execution of the sex.

Here and there I throw a little self-psychology into doing what I do – and why, but that is probably purely for me. You guys want to hear about the ins and outs of it – literally!

On my last day of my last trip, I blocked off the morning to almost nothing but have sex. You read about the morning suck-job. I also performed head on a non-descriptive, non-worth writing about Hispanic man.

But I did have a hold-over from a guy the day before where we couldn't hook-up due to my work schedule.

43yo GWM (look younger), 40'c, 31'w, 6'2', 175#, BR/GR, smooth swimmers build, cleanshaven, shaved balls, trimmed pubes, 7' thick and cut, likes lots of body contact, kissing, oral both giving and getting, mostly a top but can be versatile, groups are great and I like having sex outdoors, and in tearooms and bookstores/theatres.

Sounded promising. The pics he sent of his cock were amazing.


Though he sent pics, I took this one. Beautiful, I think bigger than 7", but maybe the thickness of the shaft and head skewed my perception.

Obviously, I invited him over.

"Roy" was right on time. His big thing was that he wanted to eat my ass before sliding into it. I can't argue with that.

He was everything his description said and what it didn't say. Roy wasn't a "looker". Let's face it, you could probably cut a roast on his face, but that all kind of disappeared when his pants dropped. As it would turn out, I wouldn't see his face again until he was getting ready to leave. The in between time, his face would be in my ass or mine would be looking at a bed with him behind me.

With only my spit on his cock and his spit on my hole for lube, I went shoulders down/ass up at the edge of the bed. This time I totally went without poppers and just concentrated on the breathing - and it so worked and so much better. I still enjoy poppers but, they weren't necessary it seems.

He really made it in with a 'pop'. But with a head like that, it was kind of expected. Then of course, he proceeded to fill me up. The dick felt as thick as it looked and even with all my - ummmm - experience, he still made me feel stuffed.



Clearly he was cool with using my camera and he was just as big of a pig I think that I am. For his lack of looks, he made up for it in this talk. He had a filthy mouth - which I love. But not necessarily degrading filthy (which I love), but injecting truisms about my behaviour in slightly normal conversation. Him letting me know he knew I was a pseudo-respectable guy on the outside and not so much at all on the inside.

I've said it a few dozen times in this blog: attitude is everything.


Eventually, I was pretty much flat on my belly with my legs bend 90% at the knees. He was right on top of me, balls deep, with his legs intertwined with my ankles so I could go and move nowhere where he did not see fit.

At some point Roy glanced up and saw something that indicated to him that I had been fucked earlier. His powers of deduction were great. About how the guy was positioned, that he probably used the lube that was on my side of the bed, which is what made his hand greasy, which what lead to this being left two feet or so above my bed. True enough, it had been the guy from a night or two before Roy boned me.

This actually got both of us going. Granted, he did have to be to work, but he was delivering a Class A fuck that neither of us wanted to end. He also had a 5-day load in his nuts that he wanted to deliver and make sure stayed delivered. I had no intention of missing a drop of that.

All in all, it was a good 40 minute session. While I think I should have been sore from this girth and his pounding, all I can say was how good it felt. When he buried the rod, the load was soon to follow. I love feeling the throbbing of a dick in my ass knowing that it meant seed was jetting into my guts. It just seems all so right.

He stayed in, but would curse me, because I milked that shaft with my muscles. He was sensitive, but didn't want to pull out either. But I liked making him know I wasn't just a passive fuck, that I could use my talents as well. He liked them, but knew I was toying with him. Fair enough.

Roy left a huge load in me and I kept it there all day. Even for the flight and drive home. Even for the stop I was going to make on the way home from the airport.

More on that later.

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