Monday, October 20, 2008


I don't think I am, but clearly someone on the DC craigslist M4M thinks I am.

Maybe I am, but again, I don't think so.

A week or so ago when I was last there, I placed an ad early morning looking for some feeding. I never go back and look at this stuff, but unbeannounced to me some had posted a reply that I was indeed an 'asshole' and that I was just posting to collect pictures of guys and never followed through or hooked up. Clearly he's never seen this blog.

I found it interesting that another guy forwarded me the email. Someone I had never met or hooked up - or I would have never known the response was out there at all.

Admittedly, I first went on the defense thinking of how I'd clear my reputation - but my rep is pretty shot: I'm a slut!

That being said, I rarely even keep emails let alone pictures of guys. Even the ones I post here, I crop out faces if they have them on there at all.

No - my crime, and I do have one, is not responding to the guys who do not interest me in the slightest. And I have to feel one of them is the poster of the response. I guess I should just hit them back with a 'thanks, but not thanks', but then they now have my email.....and I'm not sure I want that either.

Don't say start another email address, because I already have like 9 of them - most defunct: thank you Hotmail and the likes. But I don't need another one to keep track of.

Anyway, I got a number of responses that morning and did a fair amount of activity before I had to check out (more to come on that in future posts). But in all the guys cumming and going, one guy who I was attempting a hook-up with got pissy.

He knew I couldn't see him until after 10a, because I had some sure things coming by. But when I didn't answer his email right away - and then the five in quick succession - he became a whacko. Naturally, he referenced the craigslist responder and said, "I guess he was right - you ARE an asshole!".

While I didn't answer the first guy (since I didn't know who he was), I did respond to this guy and told him EXACTLY what i was doing and why I didn't/couldn't answer him. Imagine my surprise when he still wanted to come over - after calling me an 'asshole' and then not apologizing for it after I explained my situation.

I'm all for guys with entitlement, but this guy was not it.

I'm sure he thinks I'm an asshole now, since I kind of let our email exchange drop with no invite over. Maybe I should have called him on it and told him why I was ceasing and desisting. But I didn't.

I think my new tactic will be: to post without pics (though I think that brings a certain response rate in when doing so) and see who gets back to me. But then I think I will try and see how the 'thanks but no thanks' type replies go.

...if all else fails, I'll just get a new email address.

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