Saturday, March 14, 2009

400k and Counting

Yesterday, I went over my 400,000 hit on this blog thingy.

And while I get the occasional comments about me being a sick, twisted pervert (but not in the god way that some of you might expect), I believe it would be all of you who are the sick, twisted perverts.

Welcome to my club. I guess it is not so exclusive after all.

I have also surpassed my 300th post. That is roughly 1324 readers for each post......assuming it was an even split, and we know it is not. Not all of those 300 posts were about sex. Just about 287 of them. Like this one isn't about sex. Just an update.

Some changes are a-coming, as soon as I can figure this shit out. I have purchased my own domain name and will eventually dump Blogspot. You'll all have more than fair warning. Now I have to find a host that won't mind adult content. In this economy, I'm guessing anyone will take my business as long as it does not involve children.

So congratulations to someone in Dallas, TX. You were the 400th reader. That is as much as I can (or would want to) drill down to figure out who read it.


Alex & Brad said...

Congrats Man, you have some big fans in Melbourne Australia.

Anonymous said...

And loyal ones in cmh....just waiting to take a crack at that ass ;)

Victor said...

I think I may have been your 400th reader! I love your blog.