Friday, March 06, 2009

At the Baths - pt 2 (of 2)

More trips through the maze of rooms was in order for me. And then to the sauna, which was not conducive to sex really. Great seating, it had, but a bank of windows for the entire pool area to see. And while I am an exhibitionist, and many who go to the tubs are too, this isn’t quite the scene I think any of us are looking for per se. It did not help when the 400 lb man (no exaggeration) came in, leading a blind man. While I thought it was great he was helping the blind dude out, there is something about 400lbs that makes it anti-erotic (at least for me) .

So off it was again back to the steam room. Not much going on there –and I kept looking around for Mr. Marine – the reason I had come to the baths in the first place for.

After hanging out in the steam room for a bit, I decided to head to the dark room.

As I said in my last post, it was maybe 1-2 times the size of a regular rented room and though I couldn’t really describe it that well.

There is no door so any light you get in there comes from the already dimly lit hall. Mine is not to scale as it seems wider than it is. There is space above the bunks, next to the sling. But it is very dark in there. Which is a good thing.

I took a space on the right bunk, but no one was taking the bite to join me. But that being said, I’m not sure anyone could see that I was there. I wasn’t even sure who was in there or how many. You could see silhouettes of folks cross through the doorway, coming and going, since the light was behind them, but as to actual people – you’d never know who they were.

Some guys planted themselves outside in the hall so they could see who went in and then they’d decide to enter (or not).

After hanging out a bit in the bunk, I knew there was activity going on up near the sling, though no one was actually in the sling. I got up and stepped to the right (or stage left) of the sling. Two guys were there, one was sucking the other. I felt the feeder’s chest, but neither guy stayed long.

Just then a guy got himself into the sling…and waited. It didn’t take long before a man came up to him and started playing with his hole. As I watched, another guy stood next to me, and then behind me. He reached around and played with my dick, but I didn’t want it played with. He then started stroking my hairy ass cheeks. This I did not stop. I actually pushed them against his hand.

The guy at the sling boy’s butt had two or three fingers buried deep. I could feel the guy behind me and his dick on my ass. I had had enough of being coy, as it wasn’t working. Taking globs of spit into my hand, I reached back and rubbed it all over his seemingly average cock. I did this two or three times until he was dripping wet. Then I made sure he knew my intent, even if it was non-verbal.

Soon, I felt his hand on my back, to steady himself and to force me over a bit. At this point, I don’t think anyone was any the wiser, but in a minute, the guy had his seemingly average dick buried up my ass. I leaned back and told him to ‘fuck me’. He did.

Now the guy who had his fingers up the sting guy’s ass was stroking my rock hard dick. He clearly knew what was going on. All I could make out is that he was tall, like I am – over 6’. The guy behind me whispered, ‘bend over a bit more’. I did and it seemed like he could get deeper than he had before. Being shorter than I was, that made sense.

I could tell he was either trying to hold off, or not sure he could cum up my ass. Or both. This was not a date or love-making session, I wasn’t in this for the long haul. I told him to ‘do it’. And he did. The only ones who could hear him moan were me and the guy stroking my dick.

At this point, he pulled his fingers out sling guy’s butt. As the guy fucking me moved away, finger man got behind me. Without a word, he slipped his nice 7 or 7.5” dick into me and into that cummed up hole. No one moved to the guy in the sling and the guy behind me started pumping my butt. He made no sound, said nothing. I don’t think the entire scene lasted seven minutes. The guy just stopped moving and I knew what he was doing, as I could feel him throb.

He pulled out, wrapped his towel and walked to the door. I actually did the same about a minute later. No one was really approaching me and I really thought I’d give fucker #2 a head start so he didn’t think I was following him. That’s not my style.

I was hot so I just stood in the shower for a few minutes before one more walk around for Mr. Marine. It seems I wasn’t going to find him, so I thought about leaving, but went through the steam room one more time. There, in that alcove I found two guys going at it – mostly kissing and jacking each other, or themselves. So I decided to stop and watch for a second. The taller of the two, maybe 5’9” started playing with my ass. When I pivoted a bit to let him get at it, he totally got where I was coming from. Facing me into the wall of the alcove, he used the slimy sweat we all had as self-made lube and pushed a nice 7” dick into my ass. His buddy tried to grip his friends dick to feel it go in me, but he was pumping my ass to hard and fast to really get a good feel. I then felt the bud’s hands on my chest and down to my dick.

I don’t know how long either of them had been playing, or if the fucker could feel two loads up my hole, but soon enough he added the third. I just pushed back so he would keep it in there, and keep it in there deep. His boys were swimming in me.

He flopped out and I just took my leave without so much as a thank you. I don’t think that is called for there – is it? I think not, but I’m not Mr. Manners, so what the fuck do I know?

As I was getting ready to exit the steam room, I ran across a very very hot Italian man. A short one, at that. I’m guessing maybe 5’6”, but with an 8-9” dick. I would have loved to have that either end at this point, but I could tell the way he looked at me, he was looking to get, not give.

I am not a greedy man (ok ok…I am!), so I stood against a wall and played with my boner. He came right over and bent over to engulf it with his mouth. Within a few seconds he was down on his knees.

This guy is everything you wanted out of and eater. He had a mouth a guy could fall in love with. He is what I hope my mouth feels like when I’m sucking cock. I placed one foot up on a faux stone wall and let him have access to my nuts and my cock. His hands rubbed my nuts once or twice, but usually they were on his big piece of meat. And why not? It was a great dick.

Since I had been pretty active for the last two hours, it wouldn’t take me long to be get my nut. I could hold off, but not only did I not want to, I had to really get motoring. One could assume that in the baths, most guys want the load if they drop to their knees for it, but you never know. So I asked. And I followed-up with my usual: ‘you gonna swallow my seed?’. I got the nod of his head with my hard shaft still in his mouth.

“Here it comes, guy”, I said – with my voice echoing off the walls and in the open space.. I blasted my sperm into his mouth and he swallowed it all like a pro. Yes, it was only a three day load, but I had been edging myself for a few hours – and as always, I usually have a more than decent amount. He took it like a champ.

Again, without thanks, I went my way, he went his.

I showered, dressed and left.

The next day I sent an email to the marine asking where he was. He said not only was he there, but was in the black room, flooding my guts with his cream.

That fucker must have been one of the lurkers outside watching who came and went. He must have recognized me and followed me in and did the deed. He also had to be #1, as he was the only shorter guy in there who fucked me.

It wasn’t quite my plan (or his), but fuck man – it worked!


Anonymous said...

nothing hotter than the second, 3rd & 4th loads. as a top i love seconds, as a bottom they get better, one after another.
good 4 u-now cum visit cols so i can breed u!

cb said...

Yes, now THATS hot!

Duo said...

Dude, totally smoking hot!! The only thing more amazing than fucking an ass filled with anonymous cum is being the one taking all those anonymous cumloads! -Dan