Tuesday, March 03, 2009

At the Baths - pt 1

For months now, on and off, I have been exchanging emails with a somewhat local guy about hooking up.

I say somewhat, because he is south of where I live by about an hour, but comes up here for his work on semi-regular basis. And even if not, it is only an hour’s drive. The problem has been timing – of either when I was traveling or the time of day he was in town and I was at the office.

So earlier last week we finally connected, on-line and in person.

“Gary” was going to be doing his work out up in town, but at the baths. If you look at Gary’s body, he is a serious muscle guy – usually not my thing, but he was an ex-marine and how could I not be drawn to that on some level – if not many? And granted I hadn’t been to the baths in town for a decade, and while I remember them having equipment, it would be a far cry from calling it a gym. But he was to be doing his work-out there from 2p on and I figured I would go after work. And I did.

Since I hadn’t been in 10+ years, I didn’t know the deal with this place, which was newer. Monday is ‘$1 locker day’ – at 5p, I was 10th in line to get in. I also grabbed one of the last parking spots in the lot. I thought to myself, ‘this could be interesting.’

Gary had talked about really wanting to fuck me – and I was all for that. He didn’t get rooms and I’m too cheap to, so we knew we’d be doing it in a place where others could see – and I think you all know I don’t really mind an audience.

Baths can be tricky though (ha! a pun!). While the exhibitionist in me likes to play in public, the tubs can be filled with trolls – and there is only so much I want to be watched by them, let alone fondled or fend off.

The place was bigger than most baths I’d been to – with the prerequisite video room, showers, sauna and steam areas. I have yet to get to a ‘spa’ that has the gloryhole room or set-up. I fucking love that. But alas, this was not to have it either.

However they did have two interesting areas: a dark room and a dark area. The last one needs a little set-up:

While many areas within bath houses are dimly lit, this place had very darkened corners in some places. Some that were black as pitch – even while right out in the open. There were little leatherette cushions on the floor for, well, I guess kneeling. There was no support under them other than the floor. You literally had to feel your way until you found the wall.

Then the dark room is kind of self-explanatory. It was maybe the size of one or two rooms you’d ‘rent’ for the time you’re there. But inside there are no lights. Again, when you’re eyes adjust at some point, you can make out some things, but not much: two sets of bunk cots (hardly beds) what are deep and enough room between top and bottom to get some ass-pumping done in them. Then at the end of this pseudo-corridor, is the sling. With some maneuvering, you can get on either side of the sling, which also then places you at the head of those bunk cots. If I had Visio, I’d scheme out a drawing.

No for me, I love the steam room. I like the slickness of it. The feel and smell of desperation – and perspiration. It just turns me on. But the black room had me intrigued.

At my first look around, I didn’t find Gary, so I kept moving. Since those places are mazes, unless one was standing still and the other moving, it is no wonder you pass each other.

So, while making my way through the massive steam room, I find an alcove where two guys are going at it. It is still dark and steamy enough that it is very difficult to make anyone out. But that’s not the point of a place like this. The guy sitting in alcove was going down on the standing guy. Even if you couldn’t see, the guy getting sucked was making enough noise for all to hear.

Not to gawk too much, I did stand and watch for a minute with the intent to move on, but the cocksucker grabbed my dick as I had removed my towel. The cocksucker moved to my dick and I bent down to work on the feeder dick. It was nice and fat and a decent length. His moans were just as strong due to my skill as the guy before me. I purposefully bent over, sans towel, hoping someone would walk up behind me and just slide their cock in my ass. This was not to be. I had a few hands on it, but no one took the lead in doing it. I just wanted it to happen, I didn’t want to have to ask or instruct. Where are these people’s intuitive skills???

The cocksucker and I traded off here and there but when the guy said he was close to shooting, the other cocksucker pushed me to the dick. I was trying to be respectful, since he had done (I’m assuming) most of the work. But truth be told, I did want the reward. And I got it. The guy popped off a nice creamy load that hit my tongue, the roof of my mouth and back of my throat. I left him there, breathing heavily as he leaned against the wall.

I made my way around the maze of rooms, but with $1 lockers and only being late afternoon on a Monday, no one was renting any of those. That is when I stumbled upon the darkened corner. There was only one other guy over there but I kind of found my way to the cushions and crouched down on them. It only took a minute before someone stepped in front of me and opened his towel.

The guy had a nice hard dick and he let me suck it for quite a while. And like moths too the flame, there were guys everywhere around us and the guy next to me who was also sucking a dick. I couldn’t see the men, but you could see white from their towels. Guy #1 moved back as I sucked him and stroked another guy. I don’t know if he wanted all the attention or not looking to shoot just yet. The other guy moved closer. As soon as I wrapped my lips around his big fat cock, I knew he was black. Not because of the size, but because of the smell and taste.

I think most experienced cocksuckers would agree that there is a certain smell/taste combination that goes on with black men. And for many of them, the smell is similar to each other, but very different than white or Hispanic men. But he too was hesitant about losing his load, and shortly pulled away.

The guy next to me guided me to the man he was sucking, and had been for awhile. I’m assuming his jaw was tired as I wrapped my lips around it, the thing was mighty HUGE. I’ve never believe in ‘beer can thick’ cock descriptions, but this guy came the closest to anything I’ve ever seen felt.

Being so thick, it was quite spongey. I don’t know he could have ever gotten enough blood into that region to get himself totally erect. The first cocksucker started pushing my head onto that big dick and the feeders hands were right there with him. I did give it a valiant effort, but to no avail. While my mouth was not yet sore from the size, the feeder kind of gave up too, or decided to see what else was out there.

I decided to do that too.


cb said...

Dude, not cool. I want to hear about you taking cock and cum up your butt!

cb said...

Dude, not cool. I want to hear about you taking cock and cum up your butt!