Thursday, October 22, 2009

Daddy & the Surfer

So, the guy on Monday be damned, I found what I needed and wanted – in spades. It was a good Wednesday.

If you remember the greek/Italian daddy guy with the 8” thick dick I blogged about here and here, was up for another round. For a dick like that, I usually am too.

After I prepped and left the office to go over, he called and asked if I would mind if two other tops would be there. I’ll assume the question was rhetorical, but I answered anyways. Affirmatively, in case you had a question.

Daddy goes on to tell me that one has a 12” dick (yikes!) and one is a muscle guy with about 8”…maybe 7” (it was the latter). They were supposed to be there when I arrived.

I was buzzed in and told the door was unlocked. I went in, not sure what to expect. Yeah, I’m kind of a slut, so the chances of me having been fucked by one of these guys was good – or at least knowing them. That would have to wait.

I pushed open the door and it was just Daddy and myself. The 12” guy backed out and the other guy wasn’t there yet. No problems. To be fair, 12 inches sounds great in theory, but the assault on my ass………I dunno. Let’s face it, 12” is about 4-6 more inches than most guys have. It’s like double cock. I’ve had an 11”er before, but that’s another story.

I stripped down and then Daddy did the same. I sucked his cock a bit – see?

Then I ate his ass a bit – see?

I smiled when he asked, “do you eat ass?” DO I? Again with what I assume are rhetorical questions. I answered, but this time just with my tongue. I was lying back on his ottoman and he was squatting over my face. It was a hairy ass but it tasted so great. Clean yet musky. All man. He loved how I worked my tongue up his tight top hole. You could tell there has never been anything more than a finger up there…if that.

The buzzer rang and he released the entrance door five stories down. He came back to my face and that’s how the new guy found us. Some unknown to him – eating hole. He couldn’t see me. I couldn’t see him – partially because I had my face in ass, but I had also taken off my glasses when I came in and my vision was a little blurry.

When I did see him, I was a little in awe. He was muscular, and smooth and blonde. A grown-up/aging surfer-dude. Most things that are not my type. He had a great body and a nice cock. I also knew him…or of him. I had seen him on ManHunt before, but one of those that seem to be unapproachable, so I never reached out….so to speak.

“Suck his cock”, I heard Daddy say. I sat up and took this guy’s dick into my mouth and into my throat. He loved it. They were talking about my cocksucking abilities – like I wasn’t even there, which is perfect. Daddy then started playing with this guy’s chest. I mean, how could you not? He had a perfect chest and great nipples. Even I reached up as I was sucking to feel the entire upper torso.

I pulled off and asked if he wanted his ass eaten, he was back around over my mouth in a heartbeat. He had a nice ass too. Great for eating. And smooth. The buns, the crack, the hole. It was like eating a 12 year old’s ass……..I’ve heard!!!!

“Do you wanna fuck him?”, was the question from Daddy’s mouth. “Oh yeah”, was the response. “On all fours, boy”. So I got on all fours, or really bent over the ottoman so he’d have a good angle.

Being the good boy, I never looked behind me. But what went in me was not the muscle guy’s cock, this I knew. Daddy pushed his fat cock up into my hole ‘to open me up’, as he put it to the other guy standing behind him.

After I adjusted, it felt so good in there. Raw, oiled up and going deep. He knows how to open me up. But I knew he’d pull out and he did, but it didn’t take long to get refilled. Surfer boy needed some fluffing to get him harder and he snapped on a cockring, but after that he was good to go.

I was butt up and hands down so he could come at me from behind. I would have loved to see his face while he was boning me, but that was not his preference and let’s face it, the way the scene was going, it was all about depersonalizing me. I was a place to put a cock. Or two.

Surfer slid up into me with no problem. He wasn’t huge and he was tapered just right. The fact that big dicked Daddy went in first did not hurt – so to speak. Surfer was a good fucker. But I could also tell the pre-play had gotten him going – maybe too much so. I wanted it to last, but I wasn’t sure he could. He seemed very hot on the trigger.

He’d push in and hold it there. He’d pull back and hold it. I think even the idea of pumping my ass would have made him explode. But there comes a time that just sitting there with a dick in you and no movement isn’t productive either and there isn’t always turning back the tide.

I started using my muscles to massage his shaft. He responded. He would flex and he started moving again. He also told Daddy that he was so close. Daddy told him to just let it go. And he did. The pounding started and then the grunting. So did the spasming of his shaft.

Many times one cannot feel himself being flooded with cum. This was not one of those times. I could feel it come out of him and into me. I could feel the warmth. It was more than warm actually, it was hot. He kept fucking instead of just burying the bone and unloading. But when he was done done – he then buried the bone to the hilt.

As soon as he pulled out, Daddy was behind him. He wanted to feel that hot load as lube. He wanted to tag-team that hole. My hole. Their hole.

Surfer stood there watching Daddy sink his big prong up my ass. “Niiiiiiiice” he said to Daddy. “Oh yeah, I feeling your load and pushing it deeper – it feels so good”. Once again, I wasn’t even part of the equation when it came to the conversation.

Daddy fucked me and fucked me hard. There was little chance of him going off too early. He pumped. Surfer watched….for a while. He moved to start gathering his things, as one is apt to do after they ejaculate. Guys are guys and usually when they are done – they are DONE.

When he went into the other room to get his stuff, I told Daddy to fuck me harder and to cum up my ass – especially while the other guy was still there. I wanted to make a show of it for the surfer stud.

Gladly, Daddy pummeled my ass to get his sperm on. The grunting and groaning could be heard by Surfer in the other room who came back to watch. Daddy pushed Surfer’s cum deeper and then added his own. No words. Just grunts. From both of us. Surfer watched silently.

Daddy ended up sliding out of me and I went torso/abs down on the ottoman while they talked about restaurants like I wasn’t even in the room. Surfer thanked Daddy and shook his hand. He never said what he was thanking him for, but let’s face it, we all know why he was being thanked. I wasn’t even acknowledged. It’s not a bad thing. It just was.

The door was shut. I had a minute to compose myself before my boxer briefs were tossed my way. The message was clear. We were done for the night.


Anonymous said...

Fucking hot how these two men used your mouth and ass and you understood your place in that equation. HOT.

cum.lover said...

Submission is a holy calling!

cb said...

damn... I'm jealous!