Sunday, October 18, 2009

Top to Bottom

There are disappointments in life - then there are DISAPPOINTMENTS.

Clearly, I've "slept" with 100s of men. I hear you laughing. But if you multiply 27 by 100, it is still 100s of men. twenty seven hundred. I can probably count on fingers and toes how many of those actually included sleep.

So it is not small feat when I say how sad it is when one of the hottest encounters I have had with a man has gone so badly.

This is a salt & pepper cigar man, Harley man, leather man, inked man. The epitome of hyper-masculine. That he has an average sized dick means nothing. NOTHING. He knew how to use it and as you've seen here before, he knew how to use his brain and mouth, which makes the dick just.......there. It's rarely the cock that gets me off. It's the attitude.

We had been chatting for years after I saw his pics somewhere on line. Way before sexual/social networking sites existed. So it was fun to find out he lived less than an hour from me. It took us forever but we finally hooked up. Once. And only once.

He opted for the baths. Sigh. Fine. Not my favorite but I went and paid. As I was getting my towel and all, I saw him there already - and he saw me. You could see he was glad I didn't bail on him. It was understood that I would get and pay for the room. I was there for him.

And I was. We did so much in those few hours. I sucked, I swallowed. I ate his ass. I took his spit - in my mouth and on my face. I took his cock up my ass - twice, along with his loads.

Then he wanted a break. I wasn't sure what the expectations were. Was this a date? Were we free to see other people? I showered anyway - and I lost him. Gone.

I had paid my fee and had the room, fuck it if I weren't going to take advantage of it - and be taken advantage of. I eventually found a man who was pretty hot and he was back in my room fucking the hell out of me when there was a knock on the door.

I knew who it was, but the stranger fucking me didn't. Lover? I'm sure he thought. But with no words, I reached over (this other guy's cock still up my ass) and turned the knob on the door. "Steve" kind of seemed surprised to see this, though he wasn't turned off. Was I supposed to just wait for him? Clearly I didn't.

He talked the guy through fucking me. And fucking me hard.......and harder. He "gave permission" for the guy to put his spunk up my hole. He did too. That was three loads up there so far.

Stranger-guy was a little weirded out and left immediately. That was ok, because Steve punched right up my ass and into that warm load. It wasn't long before he left #4 (three of those were his anyway) up in my gut.

Then he had me get on my knees and lick him clean. Gladly, I thought.

Steve and I have had several aborted attempts at getting together since - and this has been a long while. So color me surprised (and disappointed) when I got a message from him via ManHunt after asking how he was doing:

Steve: got some pals to rape my throat?

Me: i don't. have you become some kind of a big bottom? : )

Steve: yea I have been a big btm whore/slut - that work with you?

I pained me to say it - and type it - but I had to tell him it didn't work with or for me. By nature, I'm not a top and I had seen him and experienced him in a certain way. A way I wanted to experience him.

Fuck, it seems I always have to fight for the bottom, and when you get a man like this who'll do it, what chance do us average guys have?

At least we'll always have the baths!


Mark (iBLASTinside) said...

Strange to think that some men put on a hyper-masculine appearance to mask what's really going on. Even us as gay men can't sometime accept the facts of what we want. Some of us are lucky to figure it out early.

Writer said...

Hot story...up until...My best top, that I've had so far, is actually not a top at all. He was a "I don't suck cock and don't get fucked" kind of guy with me, but he apparently was known to be a big ol' bottom all over town. And the hyper-masculine thing was, well, eventually, kinda psycho.

I did finally get to see him suck dick, which was hot, but I don't really understand him at all. I would probably like it better if I knew that the guy who was about to unload in my ass had a few loads up his own.

cb said...

Well, when you have such a nice cock, guys are bound to want you to fuck them!