Tuesday, October 06, 2009

One Man. Two Loads. My Ass.

So it happened again, though this time it was a much more calculated event.

I know - and usually I'm such an above-board kind of guy.

The guy I went to a month or so back who had a home gloryhole, but ended up fucking me, well..........I went back. The only talk was about another blowjob (which btw, he didn't even finish the first time!), but I think we both know what would happen if I showed back up.

He knew when I was coming over and I assumed he was ready for me, as his downstairs door was unlocked and his upstairs door was wide open. I walked in to where his gloryhole was set up before but nothing. I looked the other way and he was "asleep" on his bed. He seemingly awakened with a jolt, but didn't really look that sleepy.

He got out of bed, walked over, grabbed my cock through my suit and led me back to his bedroom.

The mouth felt good on the underside of my shaft, after he took it out of my zipper and got on his knees. I sat back on the bed to let him get to my nuts, but less than secretly, I wanted his tongue to travel lower.....to my taint.....then past it....right to the target.

As it turns out, he didn't quite get the hint, or didn't care to. While he did go lap at my balls, per my instructions, he shucked his boxers while down there too. He also took off my dress shoes and pulled my suit pants and boxer briefs right off me and threw them in a heap in the corner of his room.

This guy, "Tony", is kind of large, chest and belly wise. Larger than I normally go for. The one thing no large about him is his dick. It's kind of thick, but about 6" long. I went back not because he threw a great fuck, but because I needed one and because he had a foul mouth and an aggressive attitude. By now you should have picked up on the fact that those things will get you much farther with me than a hot face, body or big dick. Mind you - if you have ALL of that, well........................

He stood back up to suck my dick, as I was leaning back on the bed, my legs still spread from his ball eating. But with his shorts off, he was positioned well. He just raised an eyebrow to me - as if asking if it were ok to proceed.

Verbally I replied, "you didn't really think I came here to get my cock sucked, did you?" He grabbed the lube.

I never know what it is about guys who have so much trouble finding the hole. Yes, I have a lot of hair down there, but it is not like the thing is all grown over. Or the guys who think it's in, when it's still two inches away from the opening, and then I'm always the one to tell them "you're not in". It makes them feel self conscious and makes me feel a little bad for them.

By the fourth time of missing, I laid back a little more and spread my cheeks as far as they would go and exposing that tunnel of love as much as it could be. He found it with no problem this time. Sank right in. He loved it. Probably more than I did, but it was nice to have a warm shaft inside me.

With no regards to his downstairs neighbors, he went into full-fuck mode. Bed squeaking and creaking. Loud grunts. If he didn't care, why should I?

As I always do, I used my muscles to massage the shaft (his) and you could see his reaction that he was loving it. He pumped and pumped. I squeezed and squeezed. After about 15 minutes of this, he just could not hold back anymore. He looked down on me and used a hand to bring firmly to my throat - and squeezed a bit. He was a man on a mission and within a minute of exerting his dominance, he let his load loose in my ass.

I really set him off when doing that of squeezing with my hole even more.

Tony stayed in me while I continued on with my internal manipulation of his shaft. He love it. So much so, that he stayed erect and told (yes, told!) me he was gonna fuck me until he shot another load.

Who was I to argue?

He pumped as hard as the first time - if not harder. He grabbed my throat more often and harder than at ejaculation the first time. Seeing that he didn't get a negative reaction from me, I think gave him some license to be rougher. I was down with it - even though I didn't say a word.

I'd tell him to 'fuck me', he'd tell me to 'shut the fuck up'. I don't think he was really that nasty - I took it more that he had to concentrate to knock that second load out of him and into me. I've never been a multiple cummer like that, so I can at least appreciate the work that goes in to firing it off and the build up to it.

He mentioned how much easier it was to fuck my hole, I'm assuming because he had already lubed it once from the inside. The fuck too longer than the first one, but it's not like he was ripping me open with his size, so I could take it.

As he fucked me, like last time, he talked of a 9" buddy he wanted to see fuck me and this time he added the buddy wants to fuck me - so they've talked. I'm not holding my breath - but it would be nice and you know I don't mind an audience.

Tony picked up the pace and I knew he was close so I verbally encouraged him to finish what he started. And he did. Or as he said, he was 'spraying my guts'. Worked for me.

The guy was still hard for a while after that and made sure he kept plunging what cum was there up farther into my ass. A nice touch. I thought he might want to go for round 3 but I'm not sure either of us were up for it.

Then he wanted me to blow my load. Eh. I'm ok with that, but when I get fucked, my mind is sated. My body doesn't need to be. But he kept insisting. He wanted me to blow it all over him. I declined.

He was adamant and how I shouldn't talk back to him. But I'm an uppity bottom with top-like tendencies (even if I can't really act on them well). I told him my load doesn't get wasted like that. It's in a hole, or nowhere at all.

He went to his knees. I knew it wouldn't take me long. And it did. I held his shaved head tight against my abs as I pumped a nice sized load into his mouth. I told him to keep on swallowing and he did.

I let him go and then grabbed my clothes.

With two loads of sperm in my ass, I left and drove home with a pseudo-promise of a fuck with him and his buddy. We'll see.

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