Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sex on a Train

I can't even take credit for this. RL tweeted the URL and it is just a nice, hot vid clip of two guys getting it on, on a train.

What you see above is just a screen capture from the video - which you can view here.

Yeah, they are hot guys. Yeah, they are NICE cocks. ...but fuck do I love public sex. I could so see me doing something like this and taking the risks.

It'd be totally worth it.



David said...

ok that's one of the hottest things i've ever seen

Anonymous said...

Random public sex is my favorite. I will drop to my knees or whip my cock out almost anywhere, anytime, if there's a chance to get off.

I have a regular suck buddy who meets me in upscale neighborhoods and we go walking and blow each other on people's front porches and leave our cum on the porch. Few things get me hotter than knowing some quiet family is just inside while two cumpigs are right outside their door sucking each others cocks and shooting sperm all over their property.

Paedo said...

Yep. Very hot scene on the train. There was a video around some years back called "Train to Berlin". This was very hot, don't know if it ever got transferred to DVD. But I got very hot and bothered by this train video of yours, especially when the guy started undressing. Like public sex, like in car parks, stairways, etc.

Anonymous said...

the video was amazing!

Anonymous said...

I love this video too. I love showing off and would totally get off having you suck my cock in public somewhere. Hot public sex turns me on.

Anonymous said...

isn't that rafael alencar?