Thursday, October 29, 2009

Shower Time

No sex. Not yet.

It's coming - and it's been coming for a few weeks. Me and a guy from the gym have been building up to it, of this I'm sure. I see him on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

He is a hotter, potentially older Italian male. And he has a big cock!

Normally after my evening workouts I just head home, but he had a locker next to me and disrobed for a sauna. Even flaccid, this dick is mighty impressive. MIGHTY. ...and he saw me look. It's ok, I'm not that shy.

So this last Tuesday, I planned to take a sauna and shower. As I was getting there, he was headed into the shower, so my plans changed and I hit the shower. We were the only two in there - and it is communal so no real privacy if anyone else came in.

He'd soap and look at me. Each time he'd find me looking back at him. Our eyes didn't really meet as both sets were looking a bit lower. He was stiffening and so was I. Soaping. Tugging. Lengthening. Thickening.

The door opened and someone else was coming in, so backs were turned into the spray and eventually I left to towel off - holding my towel to cover my expanding dick. Neither of ours got to full erection.

If my estimates are correct, this man has 8 or maybe 9 inches. And it's thick. Double bonus.

We chatted as we changed and walked out to the parking lot together talking about work etc. In the middle of it, he throws out "thanks for the show. for months i've been wondering what it looked like."

I told him "you didn't see the entire shower" His reply? "neither did you!"

We are now planning on play.

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Anonymous said...

Such a teaser! Look forward to the next post and photos.