Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I hate it when fucks go bust.

I should always trust my instincts, but my dick and twitching hole always gets the better of me. I don't learn from my mistakes and I'm guessing I probably never will at this point. That whole - old dog/new tricks thing, and all.

I also know writing this puts me deeper on someone's shit list, as I know he reads my blog. For the most part, he's one of the few who has had sex with me and knows about this blog (not that I pointed it out, mind you). But you guys also know, I tell the good with the bad. I'm not a blogger who only writes how hot and great his sessions are. That just seems unrealistic to me.

But back to the post.....

Years ago I fucked around with this guy and it just kind of dropped off. Yes, the posts are somewhere back there if you want to read them, but I won't point them out to you. You're smart, if you search the achieves you'll figure it all out on your lonesome. Anyway, he'd drop out of sight and pop back up here and there to basically torture me - not physically or anything, just mentally, if that.

He was a good fucker - and I'll give him that. But on some levels we could not (or did not) connect. He'd seem interested and then drop me before we did anything. Or he'd contact me and then never follow-up. And I always let myself get drawn back in - most likely due that 'he's a good fucker' comment earlier.

So for the last few weeks we've been doing the 'let's fuck' dance. And yesterday we made the attempt.

I get to his place and he's there on his couch stroking his dick through his open 501s. It's still soft and surprisingly small when it is. But it grows to a nice size - no?

Well my mouth helped it get to that size. I liked hearing him moan when I would make my tongue dance on the underside of the shaft. I find most guys really respond to it. While I was down there he muttered, "did you miss this?".

I hated to admit it, but I did. When all aligns, his attitude and his cock can be very hot.

Then it was on to ass eating. Him bent over his bed, me on my knees behind him.

That's always been a big thing for him - and you all know I like to do it. The butt was a little funky, but nothing I haven't delved into before. He had a hard time just taking the ass licking/eating. Always with the clenching and pushing back. It's not like I was going anywhere - and I thought he wanted my tongue up there. "Just relax", I told him. And he did - for all of 30 seconds.

He straightens himself up and says, "it's time for fucking". Thank god. This is what I was waiting for. Wanting. Needing.

Then he says, ".....but I'm covering it."

This bothered me for any number of reasons. We had never played this way before. Nor was playing raw ever up for discussion, so playing bagged wasn't even on the radar. Not only that, he clearly intended for bagged play, but in the dozens (yes, DOZENS) of emails he sent during the day - and even the weeks before that - it could have and should have come up.

If he thought in not telling me, he was going to keep me there because I'm in such need, he was wrong.

He lost control of the situation quickly. I said 'no'. He said, "I call the shots here". And I'm like, "no - not this time.". "Well stay and suck me." By this time, I had my suit jacket, my phone and keys.

He said, "see ya". My response was, "no. no you won't."

I might get played by guys like this for their needs, but I need something from it too. But I'm a strong willed and strong minded guy. I didn't get out of work early, travel across town to get that kind of fuck. It's not my thing.

I hadn't even made it to the car when he called. I declined the incoming call and let it roll to voice mail. I don't know the exact wording of his message. Why I listened in the first place is beyond me. But it was almost identical to the email me left me a bit later:

I guess all I can say is sorry. I'll make sure not to bother you any longer.

Yes, he contacted me twice to tell me he wasn't going to bother me any longer.

And now I had to drive home with his ass on my goatee.


Anonymous said...

Since he reads your blog maybe he became concerned about your HIV status, or perhaps his changed and he didn't want to put you at risk. Either way an HIV status discussion can be a hard-on killer if it jumps out of the blue.

Untitled Barebacker said...

I really do like your blog. Good and bad experiences. We've all been there. It's reality. Now, to this post, if you already have a history of playing raw, then he should tell you if it's going to be different this time, before you make the drive. Just like the other guy that has always been the hot Daddy Top in the past. If he's flipped, then that needs to be discussed ahead of time.
(And I love the last line!)

Anonymous said...

maybe he just wanted to play safe for once? maybe it wasnt all about you?

grow up.

Mark (iBLASTinside) said...

I am reluctant to tell you that you did the exact right thing. I've experienced similar situations where the other person thinks that you'll just be satisfied with a change of the scene where you have to compromise. I don't compromise. Just because I'm there. Just because I'm horny. Just because you're hot. Nope. Doesn't cut it. I fuck the way I fuck. Get used to it.

Megyn said...

Wow it looks good and big!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Just wanted to say thanks for mentioning jizzflixxx.com. I live in a rural area and am always on the look-out for good free video sites. Thanks again, man!

Anonymous said...

Right or wrong, sub or not, a guy who accepts everything and anything always appears to be desperate for sex, dick, whatever.

In my books, despeartion is the worst turn off there is...

Mark (iBLASTinside) said...

Desperation (spelled correctly here) has nothing to do with what BikeGuy13 is writing about. He's writing about compromise and his unwillingness to compromise what his standards are.

Whether you think of BikeGuy13 as a slut or not, he's someone who's made a choice in his life and won't adjust, no matter how hot the cock.

As I wrote, "I fuck the way I fuck. Get used to it." Same for BikeGuy13.

Anonymous said...

good job in standing by YOUR rules and standards..i think the guy gets off on mind games..he's played you before, and this is just another game, knowing your preference of fucking raw. i think you're better off without him.