Friday, November 09, 2012

After the Bookstore

It's the mobile age, so what was I doing while between cocks at the bookstore?  Certainly not watching all the fucking tranny porn they have there. I'd much rather watch straight porn than chicks-with-dicks.  I'm not sure who that is appealing to, but it ain't me.

No, I was sitting in the booths, but I was on my phone looking for cock. Yes, the irony does not escape me that I was looking for better cock on-line than what was right in front of me - or potentially in front of me.

There were a number of people I was 'chatting' with, but two were better.  One in theory because he didn't have a picture. He was using a smartphone app without a picture!  But he was closer than the other guy.

As you might know these apps can tell you they are x distance away. One guy was 16 mi away.  Unfortunately it was in the wrong direction, until I realized when you're horny, that doesn't really matter. As I took my last bookstore load, I decided it was time to leave and give this guy a shot.

His pic was promising.  Goatee, bald, 5'11 and 160.. His cock was 7".  I wouldn't have traveled 40 mi for it, but I was already part of the trip in, so I'd go the extra distance and he talked about what a shooter he was. Of course, I always worry about 50 year old men who have a "roommate".  If he lived with his partner (he said he was partnered) that is one thing - I can abide with cheating.  But for a 50 yo man to need a roommate is just well.......kind of sad.

The place was a walk-up duplex. Something I would have lived in as a college student. The guy's picture was way better than the actual thing, including his dick.  But fuck, I was there.

I got on my knees and he took it out. There is no foreplay when sucking cock like this - no conversation, no kissing, no nipple play. It was on my knees, it was dick in mouth and it was to be over.

For all his talk on the phone, he must have been worked up.  I can tell you the head I provided lasted no longer than seven minutes - no including walking in and walking out the door.

He had a gravely voice so when he encouraged me while I sucked was kind of hot, but kind of not.  Maybe I read too much into the rest of the surroundings. The cock was rock hard, so he was good to go and he did have a fucking big if tasteless load.

Seven minutes isn't record time - fast or slow - for a blowjob.  I was hoping for a little more substance, but I was also happy to get it over with and move on. Like it says, it's a "job".  I did my work, I got what I needed, he got what he wanted.

I started the car and had six loads in me.  Not bad for a Saturday afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Holy crap! Is there no end to your string of successes?!

Jim Phoenix said...

Really enjoyed the bookstore series. Nice to hear what was going on in your head as you looked for same. Sounds so familiar.

Jim Phoenix said...

Really enjoyed the bookstore series. Nice to hear what was going on in your head as you looked for same. Sounds so familiar.

Anonymous said...

Six loads by Sat afternoon-HOT! About this guy that wasn't all that-maybe he was looking for someone specific? From experience, I know that at times dudes will carry on multiple chats-even fabricate what they're willing to do-attempting to weed out the 99% they have no interest in...if only these faceless profiles would cut to the chase so some actual fucking could happen...

Cleveland bottom guy said...

Nice series. And I really don't get the tranny porn either. Actually, if I see a guy watching that it kind of grosses me out. I usually still hook up with them, but it still grosses me out.

Upton King said...

Great tale. Really enjoyed the series. Hot stuff. What's up with all the tranny porn? Modern movie booths suck. Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque