Sunday, November 25, 2012


Central California can be a desolate place for sex sometimes. Lots of interest from the few guys there and little follow-through.

I was waiting for someone who said they'd show but double booked, because you just don't know. 

The guy was short and Hispanic. Maybe 5'6".  His pics showed a beefy, meaty uncut dick - as one would like to see on a Hispanic man in his 40s. 

He never mentioned no transportation, so it took him longer than expected to get there, and even though it is CA, it was in the low 40s so he was cold to the touch too.

The cock was not all that. 5.5" when fully hard, which was difficult to do. He was engaged, but something in him was not cooperating.  I couldn't get him or keep him hard.  ...and I don't think that said anything about my abilities. 

It certainly wasn't for lack of trying.  I did suck him - and well.  We finally got into a position that suited him.  My head hanging over the bed, my head between his legs, his cock in my mouth.  And he fucked my mouth.

For those who've attempted this as the eater, it's a great place, if you're experienced. If not, there can be gagging and a battered throat. Not to say the feeder doesn't like to gag and batter the sucker below him - it can work on multiple levels.

With this guy's dick, I was in no danger of having my eyes well up or have spit running out of the corners of my mouth.

While back there, I did go farther behind and eat his ass, which he was ok with, but didn't get into that as much as most guys who get my tongue on their pucker.

But with my mouth and his dick, he was persistent and he plugged away.  He started precumming and it tasted good...salty, watery but good. Then he stopped for a few.

It hadn't been precum, it was just cum.  His cum.  Pre-cum size, not full load size.  Still a load is a load.

This guy thought for sure he had a second one in him and wanted to fuck me.  Good for him, but I knew it couldn't happen - he barely got hard for a blowjob.

He did get me bent over and poured lube on his cock -and the more he couldn't get it up me the more he poured lube.  I just wanted to tell him no matter how much he had, if he could not get stiff, it wasn't going to happen - but he had to kind of know that, right?

As it turns out, it didn't matter - right then, there was a knock at the door.

The person I was scheduled to hook-up with arrived on time.  He looked at the Hispanic guy, brushed my nipples and leaned in and whispered, "get rid of this guy".

I did.


Explorer Jack said...

Hahahahaaa. Love the ending.

Upton King said...

Been there... done this dude. Was it SF? Chicago? I can't remember. When it ain't happening and you are trapped in a hotel room with nothing better in the offing, well, that's gay hell, ain't it. Glad there is a part two. Can't wait. Redemption is always sweet. Great post. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

BearTalks said...


Cleveland bottom guy said...

Ah! You were in my old stomping grounds! If I had kept in touch with any of my old tricks I would have sent you over. (Those I had contact info for, LOL. Most I just "ran into" at the bookstore...)