Thursday, November 08, 2012

Bookstore 5

Sorry - after #4, the place just got ugly, save for these two guys who came in I think together.  If they did, they split immediately.  Both were above average. One I would have love to have made it with (ok, probably both), but he'd look at me with slight interest but keep moving.

Adult video arcades are like swimming with sharks, if you stop you die.  It's rarely about what is in front of you, but what might be in another row, or another booth. They always hope there is something better.

The guy in question was maybe 5'9" dark hair with a little grey. His friend was about the same height with blonde hair and seemed a bit more gym built.  Guy #2 never seemed to get off his blackberry, just standing in a corner while his friend made the rounds again and again.  Maybe one was the bait or maybe the chaperon. I don't know.

Neither seemed interested in me. Though I don't think blonde guy knew I was even there.

Then there was a third to the mix - he was a short, muscular, trimmed hair and again, a pair of track pants.

At first he seemed more interested in my cock, which is not what I paid a $10 entrance fee for.

Still, I let him grab it, I let him see how much it would grow.  I felt his cock through his pants, which felt like a solid 6".

He wanted to see how hard it would get, but didn't want to suck it. That I don't get.

As I reached back for his dick, I felt a hand on my balls. But it was coming from behind. It was not the guy in the bench in front of me.  I peered over my shoulder just a bit to see the studly blonde blackberry guy.

The guy on the bench took out his dick and I bent over to engulf it.

Blond guy kept feeling my nuts and across my taint. He tugged a little on my sac and even reach to feel my stiff rod.  When he did that, I sucked the guy beneath me even better.

As much as I wanted that cock in my mouth, I wanted the guy behind me to unzip his and slide it up my ass.

That was not meant to be. He never exposed himself, he never really played with my ass. And when I positioned myself to make myself "available", I think that was too aggressive for him.  As he was getting ready to back off, he heard the other guy - the feeder - tell me to drink it.

Just then he shot off a small load in my mouth. Nothing substantial at all.  I swallowed.

The guy behind me was long gone and the guy on the bench was soon to follow.   But it was my fifth load of the day.

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Anonymous said...

It seems as if you were playing mind games, BikeGuy-from what you have said, rather than just say what you wanted, you thought he would somehow know it-but its clear he didn't. Something tells me that if you would have only communicated to him-via spoken words, not emails, not texts (I have no idea if u did this, just reminds me of a lad who couldn't tell me what he wanted if my life depended on it)-then he probably would have more than happily-actually, eagarly, pounded your ass forever. And just speaking from experience, its very possible that everything you thought he wouldn't do-you just may have been wrong. Nothing is more frustrating than feeling clueless when it cums to your partners deepest desires. Next time you find a guy worth keeping, don't be afraid to say 'Fuck me and don't stop till I'm filled up. In my case, I soon found out that he never actually wanted it-he was just around for the thrill I had to offer, which is fine by me. I'm always happy to get plowed by a hot muscle stud.

-A fan