Friday, November 02, 2012

Bookstore 3

He walked in, not a day over 40 and in shape. You rarely see this in at least this bookstore.

Tight grey t-shirt and track pants. I have no idea why I find track pants so sexy, but on the right guy - and this was the right guy - they are hot.  He had nothing on underneath them.

What he did have was a 7" very fat cock. Possibly fatter than the other guy's dick.

But as he walked in, I was still on my knees - just looking up at him.  He almost sneered as he looked down. He had every right. I was a cocksucker, he had just witnessed me taking another man's load in public and he was the hottest guy this place had probably seen for weeks or months.

He pulled his track pants down enough to expose that cock and huge huge huge set of nuts. I went down on him.

Since that last guy had shot some below my lower lips / chin area, when I swallowed this guy whole, the other guy's seed ended up coating this guys balls. No worries, I eventually licked them clean.

I did a good job sucking him, if I say so myself. I did at one point pull off to ask if he liked the show he had seen of me servicing the guy before him.

He shrugged.  "I like ass".

I stood up and gripped his incredibly thick dick. "This will be tough getting up my ass - it's so big".

"I'll make it fit", came the reply.

I turned away from him and while he rubbed against me he also said he couldn't fuck in a place like this. I'm not sure what he was doing there, but......then he said to follow him to the restroom and he'd fuck me there, since the door locked.

He was sexier in full light.  But there was no playing around. This was business.  He turned me around, my pants came down and I bent over.  Only mother nature's lube - his spit - was used.

He offered me poppers and I gladly took them. I found the opening and pushed. ...and he was thick. Very thick. He kept pushing and he didn't care about how I was doing. The reality is, looking like he did, he probably didn't have to care. People bent over for guys like this all the time and without a hint of complaint. I wasn't going to be the first.

He spit down onto his half-way embedded dick and said, "Ok, let's go" and pushed deep.

I wanted to brace myself against the sink, but figured we'd rip it out of the wall. It didn't look that stable and this was going to be rough anyway. I leaned more and put my hands against the wall.

Studman just went balls deep and started his fucking.  Unlike a lot of big dicked guys, he knew how to fuck. Many don't because they don't have to know, they have big dicks and don't have to have style. But this guy liked ass for a reason, he was good with his tool.

Don't get me wrong, he was stretching me open and we were both quiet. While I've never had issues having sex in this place, it was always a booth, never the restroom.  I wasn't sure how it'd go over.

After the "let's go" comment, not another word was said. Not even after 10 minutes when I felt him throb and knew what was about to happen.

No words of "pull out" or "don't cum  in me" were uttered.  Neither were words of "I'm going to cum" or "do you want it?".

I was letting a stranger fuck me in a bathroom of an adult bookstore. Those were the only things needed to be known.

He pulled out. I pulled up. I walked out. He must have to.....right out the door.  I was back in the video area again.

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