Friday, November 23, 2012

Physical Therapy

I was on the road, which is where I am apt to be - a road warrior.

It was West Coast time, but my body remained on Eastern Standard Time - or was it Daylight?  Either way, it was 4am and I was awake, but too lazy to start working, so I lay in bed and reached for my iPhone.

Grindr, Manhunt, Growlr and Adam4Adam produced nothing. Now mind you, it's 4a and I'm suspect of guys who are up this early - or still up from last night - but even here there were not many. I did find a few more on Scruff - in particular a guy who was 5'10", 185, short brown hair, clean shaven and 40.  He was looking for no strings - and I'm all about zero strings.

Our conversation went back and forth. I was pretty up front about what I was looking for. He seemed into it. But then he started asking about my cock and to see pictures of it.  This doesn't sound like a guy who wants to feed me his.

And then he wanted me to call him - and talk. I didn't want it to be a verbal session so he could jack off at home. I didn't want to be a phone sex line. Finally he agreed to come over.  I told him my room number and said the door would be unlocked, just push in.

He did just that. The sun was not yet up and very little light in the room.  He dropped his pants and walked up to the left side of the bed where I was laying.  His 7" was hard and ready to go. It went in my mouth.

Since I was laying in bed, right on the edge, he walked up and his cock was at mouth height. It slipped in. I took it deeper. All the way, actually.  He groaned, possibly loud enough for neighbors to hear, if there were any around.

I love when a cock feels natural in my mouth. Often they do, but there are some that don't. This was made for my mouth and my throat. It felt it too - as it plunged deeper, then out, then in again.

Yes, this was not to be a passive blowjob. The cock, and body attached to it, were going to be an active participant. In and out, in and out - all the while me using my lips, my tongue and throat in unison and separate motions to stimulate this great dick.

I was rewarded with moans and dirty talk of both my ability and of me being a big enough of a slut to leave my door open for a stranger.

At one point, he leaned over the bed and engulfed my cock. He had a nice mouth - and he was no stranger to sucking. But that was not what I was there for, and he soon came up and checked his watch. I know he had to go to work.

I went back to work on his cock in earnest. My mouth met his dick as often as his bush met my lips. We found the timing, we found the pace.

He asked if I wanted it.  "It" being the load, I assume.  I always want the load, even in bad sessions.

He didn't really wait for me to answer as he let forth a river of seed that fell into my mouth.

I was still somewhat on my back, I opened my mouth for him to see it go into me.....the white just hanging there on my tongue as some of it slowly slid back past my tonsils.  Of course, all of it made it there shortly thereafter, but now and again a feeder likes to see his own babies before they disappear.

He left one drop on the outer edge of my lip - I made sure he saw I had taken care of it.  With my tongue extended, I reached the droplet, curled the end of my tongue and brought it back to my mouth to  go with the rest of his load.

He took a towel and dried off his meat and was on his way.  ....then I started mine.  After I jacked off, that is.


Jim Phoenix said...

Damn you write the best tales. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

You've talked about taking vids in the past, mentioning you'd love to do it more. What's stopping you? Just hand your iPhone to your feeder and let him shoot the action.