Saturday, November 24, 2012


After seven years, I updated my template for the blog.  It was actually a mistake I couldn't seem to undo, but I"m nothing if not flexible.

What it also did was force me to update my links because it only imported some and not all. However, so many of those links had not been updated for years and some were just outright defunct and no longer functional.

Normally, I will update / delete a link that has been inactive for 12 months, but I kept one or two because the archived stories are so hot.

But it is possible I lost some links I wanted to keep or some of you link to me and want me to link back.  You have to give me a shout-out if that is the case.

The look is a little cleaner and I like it a little better - so change isn't bad.  We'll ride with it and see what happens.

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Explorer Jack said...

Looks good to me. I've been enjoying your recent posts.