Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hotel Room Breeding

"Let's get some dick in you now" was a reply I received from an ad I placed while I was traveling.

45, 6'1", 190, average build, 7" thick, hairy and had a goatee. The accompanying picture was nice too.

As you can see from the post opening line, he was insistent on coming to my hotel room and I did ask for aggressive men, so I shouldn't have been surprised. He was hoping others had answered as well and would be there, but timing is everything, so it was just him and myself.

I was slightly disappointed when opening the door. Physically, he was fine, but he came off a little effeminate and I was not digging that. But that said, he turned it around quickly and was a bit more masculine and soon his clothes were off and I was on my knees.

The man used "boy", "faggot", "son" and "cocksucker" an awful lot while using my mouth and pinching my tits. No doubt I probably responded positively to his first attempts and he ran with it.

I sucked him. I ate his ass. He did nothing to me or my dick - which is just honky-dory to me.

Eventually it came down to the main event. And we did it in multiple positions. This guy had warned me he is not a fast fuck and it was true. He was a slow, methodical fucker who took his time and went deep.

The guy took at least 60 minutes to bone my ass.  I'm not really complaining because he knew what he was doing and talked dirty the entire time. If I had a complaint, it was I missed two other opportunities because I couldn't check my phone - and they had moved on while I took it up the ass by this guy.

I did think with that talk and that skill, there'd be a better warning system for when he dropped his seed, but there was nothing more than a mid-stroke, "oh shit, here it comes....."

He pumped a five day load into me, according to him.

And afterwards, he wanted to cuddle a bit - which is not my style. I couldn't shake him no matter how hard I tried, though he did promise to come back later at night with a buddy he'd find and then they'd both fuck me. I let him "cuddle" for that reason alone.

I was ok with being pimped out this way, thinking I'd be back from my event in time for it to happen, but alas I missed that window. But that left me open for another opportunity as well.

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