Thursday, December 26, 2013

Two Condoms. One Fuck.

For months - on and off - Mr. Sensitive and I have been playing.

He has an incredible body and possibly the perfect cock - in length, girth and the best circumcision ever done.

While our encounter have all been oral (except for my hands on his nipples), and the oral always being my mouth on his cock. I shouldn't say "all" - as he likes to stand behind me and tease my ass a little with his big dick.

But it's never gone farther than that.

Normally he gives me about a 30 minute notice before getting together. The last time it was over three hours.

I don't know why, but I decided to 'prep' for a fuck. He gave me no reason to think we would go in this direction - either in this meeting or any previous get together, but I did it anyways.

I'm glad I did.

We started off the same old way, and I'm not complaining if that's all we did. His body feels great against mine. His cock feels great in my mouth. He likes my hands on his chest, and I like them being there.

But he got behind me and rubbed. He told me one day he wanted to fuck me over my desk. I told him I wanted that too. He added, "next time I give you three hours notice, you should be ready for me".

I do believe I surprised him when I said, "I am ready for you now".

He greased up his cock and bent me over. I thought that would be that, but he just teased and then said he needed a condom.

Luckily (?) I had two in my desk drawer. I couldn't tell you what year they were or what the expiration date might be. I can't even tell you who might have brought/left them, because I know they weren't mine.

He squeezed into it, but it was a tight fit. He bent be back over the desk and speaking of tight fits.......that man stretched my hole. And he pummeled......for four minutes.

It wasn't working for him. Whether it was the position or the act, I wasn't sure yet. He was always a little skittish so with guys like this - and some of you know what I'm talking about - you have to play it delicately.

He didn't go right back to old trick guy, though he pulled off the rubber. I went and sucked him. I stood up and stroked his dong and played with his nipples. I praised his body and his skills. Guys love that shit....myself included. We are not complicated beings.

But this got him stiffer than ever before. He told me to lie on my back on the desk. I complied. His bare dick was still greased up and he lifted my legs. With great skill, he slid his cock into me. Pulled out. Then reinserted.

Almost to himself he said, " shouldn't be doing this....", but you could tell he was conflicted.

"Do you have another rubber?". I knew the risk:  say 'no' and possibly not getting fucked and even scaring him off forever. Or say 'yes' and get fucked, but with a baggie. I brought out the last of the rubbers.

Within seconds of rolling it on, he was back in me.

The man is a master at fucking. But completely selfish fucking. ....not that I'm complaining. There is something hot about a guy only getting off for his needs and not worrying a bit about the guy under him. I'm sure I've touched on this before - haven't I? I can't be the only one who thinks this, right?

Since we had been playing on and off for 30-40 minutes, he wasn't going to last long and didn't. Maybe 7-8 minutes of fucking. He busted his nut in the rubber while up my ass.

Due to that lingering sensitivity issue, he didn't last long up there and pulled out way sooner than I wanted him to, and much too quickly.

Now I didn't take Psych 101 for nothing. I got something out of that class, though we never used examples as specific as this:

With a trash can no more than one foot from him, he peeled off the rubber and dropped it right on the floor between me and him.

In his mind, he knew he couldn't give me the load directly by fucking my ass, but he was leaving me the load. Period.

I wasn't about to let it go to waste and deep down he knew it.

He dressed and left with the promise to return.

I gathered his spent rubber and held it so all juices collected into the tip, to see how much cum he might have shot.

And none of you should worry, but I emptied those contents right onto my outstretched tongue.

And yes, I sent him the picture. He knows what he did. He knew what I would do - though it was unsaid.

And yes, I proved him right.


Bruce Chang said...

And now you finally got the full load. Nice!

My partner says he can tell when I'm fucking him as a person vs fucking him as a piece of meet to get off. He loves the latter. Go figure!

Anonymous said...

sheesh that was hot.
Aaron the hebrew.